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  1. Vrai

    Murga Forum Puppy Linux

    That's good to know. There is a wealth of good information in them. I was a frequent visitor when I ran Puppy.
  2. Vrai

    Patch vs Distribution

    AFAIK it is to draw the windows on your screen. Wikipedia has a pretty good definition.
  3. Vrai

    Dell Inspirion 11 3000

    That's good to know. I haven't used "Peppermint" in quite some time. Perhaps I will give it another try.
  4. Vrai

    Problems with Installing Linux.

    Have you tried "Linux Lite" ? I have installed it on several "low-spec" machines and it worked very well. Very easy to install.
  5. Vrai

    Ryzen 3400g does not work compatible with Linux ?

    This may be of interest; Meet The Linux OS AMD Recommends For Superior Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Performance In the article is mentioned "Clear Linux OS" as the Linux OS AMD recommends for performance testing. Perhaps trying out the Live desktop session may be useful...
  6. Vrai

    Can't install UUI

    See here; from And:
  7. Vrai

    Carnage's house of Chaos

    I don't generally listen to electronic music but I will listen to anything if someone recommends it. Thanks! :)
  8. Vrai

    alt+sysq + REISUB doesn't respond

    Sounds to me like the graphics chip may be over heating and failing. Cleaning out dust and/or replacing thermal pads could help - but not very practical for anyone not familiar with tearing apart laptops. Can you look into the side vents and observe if there is an accumulation of dust? One...
  9. Vrai

    Can't Figure out how to Script to run at Reboot on Ubuntu 20.04

    Hmmmmm...... this post got me to thinkin'. I came across a post on Easy Linux Tips Project today about how to disable the "Caps lock" key. My laptop does not have a light to indicate when Caps lock is turned on, which can be a PITA at times when entering passwords, so I have to open a text...
  10. Vrai

    The August 2020 Issue of the PCLinuxOS Magazine

    Nice post on Tux Machines website about the August 2020 issue of PCLinuxOS magazine. In the article are links to the downloads.
  11. Vrai

    Cloud vs Local

    This is somewhat relevant to the topic (I think)' "How CloudLinux Plans to Keep CentOS 6 Alive"
  12. Vrai

    Cloud vs Local

    This guy has quite a lot to say about it: Try this in - many, many hits site: linux foundation
  13. Vrai

    Cloud vs Local

    I used to run Sabayon years ago. I rather liked it :)
  14. Vrai

    Recover files after installation.
  15. Vrai

    How to Detect USB External Modem

    Do you mean that if you press [F2] at the proper time your machine does not enter the BIOS settings utility? How very strange :\ There is usually a very short window of opportunity to press the correct key in order to enter the BIOS settings. Generally just a few seconds. Sometimes it takes...
  16. Vrai

    Cloud vs Local

    Exactly so. +1
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    Upgraded from 18.04 to 20.04 and am seeing a file system failure

    Failing hard drive ?
  18. Vrai

    How to Detect USB External Modem

    From the Fujitsu Users Guide located here;
  19. Vrai

    How to Detect USB External Modem

    I searched around and did not see anything specifically referring to a "BIOS driver" other than this page; I think "BIOS driver" is referring to the driver software included in the BIOS suite of software. There are many which are needed to...
  20. Vrai

    How to Detect USB External Modem

    Possibly. But if the USB ports and such were working before then I would not likely suspect a BIOS update.