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    What Internet Browser(s) are you using

    Firefox on Ubuntu and Firefox Lite in Android Go. The tracking protection sometimes cause trouble in some websites and then I have to use Chrome.
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    Android 9

    It updated in March or sonmething. Maybe will get one more update, like Android 11 when it's out of beta.
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    Android versions

    You are right Poorguy. I just noticed a special on a Nokia 2.2 at a local store. Stays up to date and the screen is not too small. Just right.
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    Android versions

    Okay, I know Android is not strictly Linux and so on, but I have the following problem. I want to buy a smartphone or tablet and noticed the budget ones have either Android Oreo or Android 9 that will probably update to Android 10 on Nokia and Samsung devices. If I choose say, a Alcatel...
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    Install VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 20.04

    Yes, I also prefer sudo apt install. The snaps use more data and sometimes are less stable. That was my experience with Firefox.
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    Compromised would be appreciated.

    That's the strangest thing! When I messed about with Fedora, removing programs I didn't need, things got unstable, not so with Zorin OS. Don't know why. Anyway, my Zorin installation is doing fine. In my country they banned cigarettes and beer! Terrible! At least I still have Linux!
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    Hello everybody

    Uw Engels is heel goed en Zorin is mijn gunsteling Linux versie. Pardon mijn Nedrlands is niet zo goed, gewoond aan Afrikaans. I started with Zorin years ago and used many distros after that but keep returning to Zorin because it a whole lot less trouble. Blijven veilig en was uw handen heel...
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Maybe he wanted everyone else to have a base to built on, including many people creating open-source software or his a Russian spy surveilling everyone using Linux servers? Seriously, I must just mention Mark Shuttleworth, who threw open Linux to the common people.
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    Relax, and take your time.

    I wish I was a penguin right now, they don't get sick of viruses easily.
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    Relax, and take your time.

    Linus Torvalds reach enlightenment and then he got into a trance and forgot to make a complete OS on top of his kernel. That's really mysterious!
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    Need some advice on what Linux Distro to choose

    I hope it works for you. Zorin keeps a good consistently reliable distro, some others get worse after major changes to new releases.
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    Kenny Rogers Legendary Country Singer Dies at 81

    Great balade singer! His music lives on.
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    Relax, and take your time.

    You use Zorin if you have no patience, Fedora if you have some patience and Manjaro if you have lots of patience.
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    Zorin on Wayland

    You are absolutely right and I am not very technically knowledgeable to know if a problem is because of Wayland or Gnome or how they work together. I did not get the split screen while using Fedora with Gnome and Wayland. Different Linux distros also use various Gnome versions.
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    Zorin on Wayland

    Not as far as I know. Fedora is different to other Linux distros, because it gives you the choice to restart and install after it downloaded the updates. So no auto restart, I have to click the option to restart and install. Zorin downloads updates and then installs and sometimes require a...
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    Zorin on Wayland

    Yes, Fedora always installs and restarts again after an update. I tried using it after that and the program icons didn't open the programs like they should. I then restarted again and it got stuck for 10 minutes on some processes and I get impatient and force restarted it again. I have a AMD...
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    Zorin on Wayland

    I have noticed less screen tearing with Wayland, but when the screen goes blank as I have chosen it to do, and I move the mouse and click escape the desktop is split in two with I vertical line down the middle. At least I can still click on the menu. This was in Zorin 15.2. While using Fedora...
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    Zorin on Wayland

    I am running Zorin on Wayland and thus far it seems more responsive than before. I know it's almost just Fedora that run Wayland by default on Fedora Workstation. Anyone with experience using Wayland? The good and the bad?
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    Searching for a way to install latest KDE Plasma version (Fedora)

    Fedora 32 Beta might have the latest KDE version.