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  1. Eddie Paul Litz

    Windows Malware & Virus VS The Wine Application

    Let's say someone downloaded a very dangerous malicious exe file on Linux w/ Wine installed. That same person clicks on it to open it, what would happen? Would the file ruin the Wine application or would both Linux & Wine prevent it from running? No, I haven't done this. This ? came across my mind.
  2. Eddie Paul Litz

    linuxfx10.3.1-wx-lts.iso Link or Torrent Whereabouts Anyone?

    Can anyone me find the download link or torrent of linuxfx10.3.1-wx-lts.iso please? I already have linuxfx10.3-wx-lts.iso. Can you guys help me find it please? Btw, I had no problems w/ Windowsfx/Linuxfx 10.3 & 10.3.1.
  3. Eddie Paul Litz

    Software & Updates: Security Updates Setting is Blank

    Security Updates setting is blank. I can't seem to change it. Is there any way to fix that?
  4. Eddie Paul Litz

    LinuxFX/WindowsFX 10.3 ---> 10.4 (For Example)?

    Can you guys find out "I have Windowsfx 10.3, will it be upgraded to 10.4 when it's released?" for me please? I don't seem to be getting anywhere w/ the people that made it. Can you guys find that out for me please?
  5. Eddie Paul Litz

    Startup a File (Image, Song, Video, Text, etc) on boot or Login?

    How do I setup a file (Image, Song, Video, Text, etc) to startup on boot or login?
  6. Eddie Paul Litz

    Trouble Installing JRE8 on Wine

    The Java process runs according to System Monitor but it won't show the Installation window. How do I get the Installation window to show?
  7. Eddie Paul Litz

    Flash Player Replacement For Ubuntu 20.04 for Chrome Browser

    Where can I find a Flash Player Replacement for the Chrome Browser that will work in Ubuntu 20.04 and also that will work past December 2020?
  8. Eddie Paul Litz

    Wine in Linuxfx/Windowsfx?

    Has anyone here used Windows FX/Linux FX the Windows Clone> Windows FX/Linux FX ? If so, how do I update the wine application from 5.0 Stable to 5.10 Dev or is that not possible? Plus when using the terminal in Windows FX/Linux FX, it keeps telling me that Wine 5.0 or 5.10 isn't found. Do you...
  9. Eddie Paul Litz

    Combine SD w/ Internal Storage?

    Is it possible to combine SD Storage w/ internal storage, if so, how?
  10. Eddie Paul Litz

    Result of Opening Too Many Windows?

    Would a Linux System crash if too many (Hundreds or Thousands) of file windows, terminals, or web browser windows were opened?
  11. Eddie Paul Litz

    The Very 1st Linux OS Ever Made?

    What was the very 1st Linux OS ever made? Are there any pictures of it?
  12. Eddie Paul Litz

    Complete List of all Linux Didtros?

    Is there a website that has a complete full list of all the Linux Didtros that are out there & updates when a new Distro is released?
  13. Eddie Paul Litz

    Linux & Sandbox

    So basically Linux OS & Company (All other Linux OSs) is a Giant Sandbox Application OS where apps/snaps can run w/ limited or restricted access to main resources?
  14. Eddie Paul Litz

    Wine HQ Down?

    What happened with Wine HQ that they had to shut down their website?
  15. Eddie Paul Litz

    Contact w/ Linux Kernel Crew?

    Does anyone here know anybody from the Linux Kernel crew?
  16. Eddie Paul Litz

    From Linux To Windows on Desktop PC

    I want to put Windows back on my Aunts Desktop PC. I downloaded the ISO. I tried using Etcher & WoeUSB & non of those worked. I even tried using Rufus through Wine & the Rufus program doesn't fully work. Anyone here got any ideas that could help me out here?
  17. Eddie Paul Litz

    Linux Freezes Randomly

    My Linux has been freezing randomly. Could a cooling pad cause it to freeze? I had my New 1 TB Hard Drive formatted to work w/ all systems & devices. Could it still cause my system to freeze up?
  18. Eddie Paul Litz

    KDE Connect & GS Connect Issue

    I have KDE Connect & GS Connect installed on both devices (KDE on my Tablet & GS on Ubuntu) & the devices still won't show each other. Is there something I'm missing? Please help me out here.
  19. Eddie Paul Litz

    Upgrade To Gnome 3.34?

    How do I upgrade to Gnome 3.34?
  20. Eddie Paul Litz

    Lock Screen Background Change

    How do I change the Lock Screen background to my own custom image?