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  1. Vrai

    UEFI BIOS + Linux

    This question is related to another post here on I'm not very knowledgeable about UEFI as I have only just recently started using it. My question is: does the Linux kernel interact with the UEFI? I mean other than the BIOS POST handing off the boot process to the kernel or operating...
  2. Vrai

    GNU Coreutils Cheat Sheet

    Here's a handy cheat sheet I stumbled upon today. If you like cheat sheets as I do this one may be worth a "look see" P.S. The price is right also :)
  3. Vrai

    Multiple icons in system tray

    This is a little weird; a while back I upgraded my system to Linux Mint 19.3. Everything seemed to have installed just fine but there is an odd little glitch when I run the Update Manager which results in multiple icons being displayed in the system notifications tray. Someone on here had a...
  4. Vrai

    How to Fix Ubuntu Doesn't Boot After Installing in UEFI

    Here are some links to a couple videos I stumbled across a while ago. I found them quite interesting and thought they might be useful to anyone having trouble booting in UEFI/EFI mode.
  5. Vrai

    Unicode used in forum posts?

    This isn't really an "issue" but more of an oddity I noticed. Whenever I compose a post or reply to a post I noticed that any Unicode I enter does NOT post. It will usually show up in the 'compose' but when actually posted the characters are stripped or just do not show up. Is this the...
  6. Vrai

    A very good podiobook

    Something jogged my memory the other day and I remembered listening to this Podiobook years ago. I found it to be very entertaining and "hard to put down". I realize it may not appeal to everybody but as I listened I couldn't help but think of the main character as an "old hippy" - like me :)...
  7. Vrai

    Ultimate Edition

    Anyone else here ever tried "Ultimate Edition"? Years ago I installed Ultimate Edition and took it for a test drive. It was really something! This was way back when I had not been using Linux for very long. Tons of eye-candy and loads of software included. It was...
  8. Vrai

    Don't break it!

    This is in response to @Alexzee 's 'tag line' - "If it isn't broke don't fix it. If you can't fix it don't break it. You reap what you tweak." I am posting this here in the hope it may save someone else headache and heartbreak and in deference and homage to @Alexzee 's most excellent advice! :)
  9. Vrai

    Wow - just wow! Knome !

    This is gonna be great!
  10. Vrai

    Kinda funny :)

  11. Vrai

    Xubuntu getting pretty :)

    For anyone who uses Xubuntu or just likes getting 'graphical' - this may be of interest.
  12. Vrai


    I know "RTFM" as a response in Linux forums is generally frowned upon and perceived as dismissive (except in the Debian forums) but it struck me the other day that RTFM may be the kindest and most appropriate reply a person could give. The reason I say that is because I have seen a number of...
  13. Vrai

    Live USB with persistence

    Testing out a Live USB with persistence of Linux Mint 19.3. People seemed to be having issues with USB's so I decided to give it a test. I downloaded UNetbootin from their downloads page and ran it from the Terminal. I had to change the name to...
  14. Vrai

    About posting screenshots or pictures

    To forum staff, admins, owners, moderators,, Regarding posting pictures or screenshots in the forums; Is there a preferred method? In other words, "in-line" or "off-site" (image host). I ask because I have seen on some 'other' forums that posting pics 'in-line' was frowned upon because of...
  15. Vrai

    Keeping track of terminal commands

    I've been using Linux for a while now. Have installed many, many different distros on various machines. During my Linux journey I have searched the internet a lot for answers and joined and participated in a large number of forums. One thing I found challenging was remembering and/or keeping...
  16. Vrai

    Rather interesting

    Came across this little tid-bit while perusing the Twitters and found it rather interesting - and a little 'odd'. See what you think. The discussion started as a diatribe on the size of some of the folders in a Windows installation when someone pointed out the following: So I checked - and sure...
  17. Vrai

    HP Laptops

    It is with some interest I have been following this thread: Especially when the OP mentioned the BIOS issues and problems and HP recommending a system board replacement. My little granddaughter received a HP Stream...
  18. Vrai

    Another "Quandary" (regarding updates)

    I've been running Linux for quite some time, am comfortable with it and quite enthusiastic about it. Like many here I started my computer perambulation with PC's running Windows. Whereupon we learned, after having it drummed into our heads, install updates whenever, and as soon as, they are...
  19. Vrai

    Create bootable USB app?

    I'm just curious to know if there are any preferred USB image writers for Linux. I have used several different ones in the past but it has been a while since I last made a bootable USB stick. Any opinions as to which app may work better? I just downloaded the Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon .iso and...
  20. Vrai


    I don't know if this is relevant to any Linux users but - I stopped using LastPass a long time ago in favor of KeePass. I had used KeePass off and on for several years on my Linux boxes and decided one day that I did NOT like the idea...