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  1. CptCharis

    General question

    Hello everybody, I would like to ask if a server can serve many services. For example a server that serving a web page could also serve a pi-hole ? or a vpn ?
  2. CptCharis

    Friday night out

  3. CptCharis

    Let's encrypt issue with dyndns

    Hello everybody. I am using Let's encrypt for an SSL certificate on my nextcloud home server. As can you see on below screenshots SSL certificate has been created but is working only if I use my IP. Once I try with my domain, connection failed. This is how I set up my...
  4. CptCharis

    cron jobs

    Hello everybody, I am trying to set up an update and reboot cron job for my home server. I use crontab -e and I enter * * * * * root (apt-get update && apt-get -y -d upgrade; /sbin/shutdown -r now) > /dev/null but command doesn't look to work I can see in /var/log/syslog this output Jun...
  5. CptCharis

    ssl is not working with domain

    Hello everybody. I create a SSL Certificate with OpenSSl for a site that I run from a home Ubuntu server. I'm facing up the below issue. Typing http://local_IP_/site working Typing https://local_IP/site working Typing working Typing NOT Fu*ing...
  6. CptCharis

    Remove SSL certificate

    Hello everybody. I just made a SSL Certificate for a site with openssl command. Is there any way to disable this SSL Certificate ? It is not working as I was expecting. Thanks.
  7. CptCharis

    Different IP address for different accounts in same box

    Hello everybody hope you are good. I would like to ask you if there is a possibility a pc with two different account to use different IP address for each of this accounts. Here is the idea: We have a laptop that we need to set up a static IP when we are in the house but when we are outside we...
  8. CptCharis

    SElinux in ubuntu 18.04.3 server

    Hello out there and hope all of us stay home. more time for linux. So, for educational reasons I have installed SElinux in Ubuntu server 18.04.3 in vm. I have removed apparmor. I run command selinux-activate and selinux-config-enforcing. In file /etc/selinux/config selinux looks to be...
  9. CptCharis

    owncloud under Raspberian

    Hello everybody Could pls somebody help me bcz I cant find solution on line. So I have set up nextcloud in a Raspberry pi which running Raspberian as OS. Installation went well so I am able to see nextcloud initial page under https://MY_IP/nextcloud. BUT I have attached two external hdd that I...
  10. CptCharis

    nextcloud server, no access from internet

    Hello guys, I set up an ubuntu server in a Pi 4 and install nextcloud into it. Within LAN everything working perfect but from outer internet I can access only the default page of ubuntu. I have set up static IP, I have set up port 80 in my router and ufw is enable and apache ALLOW from...
  11. CptCharis

    Raspberry Pi is not booting with Ubuntu Server image.

    Hello everybody, I just burn a SD card with Ubuntu Server image for Pi 4 as per official instructions from Ubuntu site but Pi never boot. I use the official package of Pi 4 so power supply is the official one. Moreover Noobs working fine. Anybody with same issue?
  12. CptCharis

    compile kernel

    Hello there, Im trying to compile latest kernel 5.5.2. During "make" command, I have this error: make[1]: *** No rule to make target 'certs/rhel.pem', needed by 'certs/x509_certificate_list'. Stop. make: *** [Makefile:1693: certs] Error 2 I use CentOS 8 in a virtual machine. First time...
  13. CptCharis

    kvm inactive network

    Hello there, I just mess with qemu/kvm using virtual manager. During set up a VM I have following error. Also as can you see on the last screenshot my NAT is inactive. Anybody can help?
  14. CptCharis

    JBL Headset not working with Linux Mint

    Hello everybody, I am using 19.2 on a Dell Inspiron laptop dual boot with windows 10. Everything working perfect even this stupid nvidia card. My only issue is that despite my Bluetooth is working good with any Bluetooth device ( even with my iPhone ) , it can not “see” my JBL Bluetooth...
  15. CptCharis

    Raid configuration

    Hello everybody, Let's say that we have 4 Hard disks and we want to "join" them in pairs of two with Raid 0 we will use the command: sudo mdadm --create --verbose /dev/md0 --level=stripe --raid-devices=2 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 ...and then we will have two new pairs /dev/md0 & /dev/md1. Now the...
  16. CptCharis

    i3 wm distros are not booting as live usb

    Hello everybody, I just realized that my laptop would not boot any live usb with i3 wm. I have checked already Manjaro i3 and Arcolinux i3. Images have been checked against sha and also normally booted on other machines. I am just asking if I should do something in my BIOS or something, I...
  17. CptCharis

    Gnome Boxes Virtualisation

    I found it pretty cool. You can try it.
  18. CptCharis


    Hello everybody, I am happy to announce that Linux Mint Tina edition (19.2), supporting perfectly touchscreen.
  19. CptCharis

    Virtual Box Guest additions

    Hello everybody!!! Can somebody explain to me why I can't install Guest additions in my VB? I couldn't do on my old laptop and I can't also do on the new one. I couldn't do on Linux distributions (hosts) I can't also do on Windows. What am I doing wrong??
  20. CptCharis

    No wi fi with live usb.

    Hello there !!! I just bought a new laptop and of course is coming with windows. When machine is booting on windows wi fi is working, when I’m booting it from Mint live USB, ( using Sonia btw) can’t see any wi fi connection.