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    Debian 10 restore system

    Hi. How to restore file system all system configuration to basic. My system it's dead now after installing xmlib2 and uninstall it and I was remount ./dev/shm/ as well Now system can't start. I see only console with login form. I was try restore system using GRUB advance settings and system it's...

    Load file into RAM or $var

    It's possible to load file into RAM or variable for working with it? Example: file=$ ./text.txt I need work with file in memory and after save it to file like in PHP.

    Get content between tags html or xml from url https

    I need read file xml or html from website and get content between tags like url or div etc. Url is starting from https. I was try using some xml parsers but without success - they are out date and don't support https/ssl xmlstarlet sel --net -t -c "*"...

    curl - uninstall

    I was install it from official website: ./configure make make test (optional) make install It was work somehow with https and after installing something curl don't want work with https any more: curl: (1) Protocol "https" not supported or disabled in libcurl So I was install openssl and I try...

    How to cook minimal kernel

    Hi. I want make my own linux distro x64 with minimum components. I want to make it live USB with option to install on HDD + install mods in future.