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    Elementary not recognizing in/out audio devices [SOLVED]

    Hello there :) I have elementary OS (5.1.2 Hera) was able to listen to Spotify and also play games with Lutris (wine), both through HDMI-connected monitor and headphones. Now all of a sudden the system isn't recognizing mics (both internal and external) and also there's no sound device...
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    Help with Timeshift usage on dual boot EOS + Windows 10

    Hello people, I have a dual boot with EOS Windows 7 and I was not planning, but I will have to upgrade to Windows 10 since I will need to use some specific software to work soon. For me the ideal situation would be to install Windows 10 from scratch - I must have deleted files from the system...
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    Is there a way to merge two linux partitions without losing data?

    Hi there! So, here's the thing: I have a 1 Terabyte HDD on a Dell inspiron notebook (64 bit). I was using a dual boot with an old Ubuntu distro + Windows 7, which I kept for work reasons (I was obliged to use some windows software). The partitioning was 605 GB for Ubuntu (sda 2) and 67 GB for...