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    phantom nemo preview

    I'm getting a phantom nemo preview window on the Linux desktop page that appears to be trying to load something but never completes. Not a big deal I just click it closed. I'm wondering what's causing it and if it can be stopped.
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    Backed up photo files from previous OS installation problems

    Down loaded picture files from my previous windows 7 into Linux Mint, bumbling around I ended up creating a single file called Pictures.tar.gz. containing all my photos in my new LM picture file. Ideally I would have preferred the same format of seeing all the picture thumbnails laid out as...
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    Updates, ignore them?

    I'm new as of yesterday and looking at 94 updates available. Everything seems to be working including my printer, don't want to mess things up. I too am here because of windows 7 no longer being supported, but I do remember early on with that that updates were causing problems so I stopped...