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    How to single out root user from normal user

    I have to write a script in which I have to enforce different policies for different users. I am new to scripting how would I differentiate root user and normal user in script. This script should enforce policies differently for root user and normal user. Should I use regular expression to...
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    How to know a which file a process is writing or reading from?

    Hi all, Since Every process in linux is writing from a file or reading from a file. Is there any way I can know which file a process is reading or writing from?
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    Bind service running but dns service is not listening

    Pardon me if its a noob question. I am new to dns and linux. I am geting amazed by power of linux everyday. I am trying to setup Bind server on Centos to use it as main dns server for my lan. I have installed and configured bind using this...