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    Discover Host on local switch with unkown net

    Hello Forum, very often I have a unknown router to fix. I dont know the current IP or Net, but I know the Mac address. I connect the router via cable to my main switch where my debian machine is also connected. Now I want to know the IP address of the router. I try 'netdiscover -i eth0'...
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    Bash: Influence amount of pipe data?

    Hello Forum, I have two programs connected with a pipe. The pipe writes every friday text lines (newline ended) to a second process who processes them. Sometimes it takes several hours. Is it possible to set the amount of textlines per second that goes through the pipe? Maybe by putting a third...
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    How to start shell expansion at a specific point?

    Hello Forum, often I have the problem that I want to process some files with a shell command. Then an error occurs with a file. I fix it and then I want to proceed after the file. Example: cp /mydir/* /otherdir The error occurs with file '/mydir/fffx'. What would be a fine way with shell...