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  1. sp331yi

    Learn Linux In One Week eBook

    TechRadar and this time, TecMint, are coming up with good stuff, lately. Latest is the eBook, “Learn Linux In One Week”. NOT free, however.
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    Fix Any Linux Problem

    or so it says, here at TechRadar, in 2016! I got a kick out of it, but it's informative.
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    Windows Refugee Forum?

    I see more and that is giving Windows instructions. In my day, Slackers would not hesitate to call me a dum3S*&+ if I did not research my question before asking it! I learned a lot from those curmudgeons for which I will always be grateful! Time change, but old-school remains, here...
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    Need a Laugh? Open Source satire from The Register

    Huge if true... Trump explodes as he learns open source could erode China tech ban
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    I Remember DevynCJohnson from Somewhere!

    Recently, in the thread is-it-possible-to-convert-an-iso-to-img, Guest DevynCJohnson answered the query. I remember this person from long ago. It was early in my GNU/Linux expereince, maybe 8.5 to 10 years ago. At another Linux forum site, I think. (That face is hard to forget) ...
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    Enjoy tonight!

    Sittin' here drinkin' a strong cup of Seattle's Best 6th Avenue Bistro, listening to doves sing as the sun sets after warm, 80-ish, somewhat cloudy day in south-central New Mexico. Just relaxing and enjoying and being thankful for living where I do, as I do. Hardly rich but far from being...
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    Highest Incidence of COVID-19 on the West Coast!

    Yakima County, Washington
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    EXTON Multiboot -- Try-Out for Old Computers (or New)

    Discovered this a week or two ago and want to share. Newest version of EXTON includes Also, on USB Have fun!
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    Do some RESEARCH first. Refer to the Manual, older threads at this forum and/or Tutorials available here, on this site Choose a DESCRIPTIVE TITLE to your problem. 'Won't start' -- Bad Title 'System boots to a terminal' -- Good Title Give a DETAILED DESCRIPTION of the problem, including: The...
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    COVID-19 : Why is it attacking those it does?

    Here is an excerpt from Wired putting forth the very old Botany concept to Disease Tolerance in a new light in regards to the current pandemic. If nothing else, it presents a way of thinking that is scientific rather than emotional. Hope (the key word) it helps! Un-Miracle Drugs Could Help...
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    IME some models (if not all) of Toshiba and Samsung laptops are POS when it comes to GNU/Linux -- to be avoided unless one is a masochist. (I totally expect responses to this! LOL). We need to begin a list of LINUX-INCOMPATIBLE HARDWARE (or Not Worth the Trouble!). We could even expand it...
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    After seeing the same questions asked by newbies to Linux coming from Windows 2k or XP or Win7, a baseline HowTo seems to be in order. The authors at seem to have put together one I think is hard to top. Free Linux Distributions Enjoy!