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    Need help with Terminal command

    The following is directions to install my PureVpn to Linux Mint 19.3 1Download PureVPN Linux Application from here. 2 From terminal, move to the directory where package is downloaded. 3 Install PureVPN package using the following command sudo dpkg -i <package_name> (For Debian OS) sudo rpm...
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    Long time Windows user looking to switch to Linux

    I was out of control with running anti-virus and malware software along with almost very tune-up or repair software available. Too often with bad results and a reinstall. What do I need, such as anti-virus for the latest Linux mint distro to protect me from attacks. Are there any apps that are...
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    Frustrated again

    Very old and Long, Long time Windows user who over the years has tried to work with Linux. I just installed the latest Mint version and have the same problem with adding shortcuts to the desktop. Why is it so damn convoluted? Are they ever going to adopt windows simple drag and drop method?