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    Install issues with Arch

    I am trying to install Arch on a older dell Latitude E5410 laptop. I am to the point that i am install the boot loader. I typed this command grub-install —target=x86_64-Eli —Eli-directory=/boot/EFI —bootloader-Id=GRUB The below is what was returned Installing for x86-64-efi platform. EFI...
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    New to linux and need to understand something

    I have linux mint installed on a surface pro two and linux debian inst installed on virtual box. Forgive me for this next statement for it may be inaccurate. I installed chromium browser on both machines. One both i used what i will call the apt package handler. I am not sure if apt is a...
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    Getting started with Linux Arch

    Hi I have been working with some Linux distros and recently watched a YouTube video that talked about use arch as your distro. The reason was that it is highly customizable. It even allows you to experiment with different desktops. I tried to install and got fairly far but got to a point...