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  1. amrivas

    Lenovo Flex 6-14 14ARR Ryzen 3 2200U 16 GB Ram 128 SSD M.2 2242 problem chosing distro to install

    Hello, I just bought this 2 in 1 laptop, it came with windows 10 home -S (that is garbage) so I created a restore USB and deleted the entire ssd. Now, I am trying to install a distro, I have been working with Mint for a while and before that, I had elementaryOS and waaaay back in the day I had...
  2. amrivas

    Saludos. Greetings, Sawadee Krap, Cio, Saudaçöes from Mexico city

    Hello, Mexican here from the big polluted Mexico city. Network administrator but more like just a technician. Outdated but trying to catch up. Not an expert on linux but I love the freedom. Just married to a beautiful Thai woman and hopefully son to be an expat in manila (she has to be near...