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  1. SirPriest09

    Dell Laptop

    I have a dell laptop s/n F06k812. Express service code is 32662756262. I tried to change the bios passcode and removed the cmos battery and now my computer wont even come on. The light indicating the power plinks red then blue. What should i do.
  2. SirPriest09

    LFCS – How to Recover ROOT Password

    Well i have this dell computer that i aquired and it had sexurity bios password and i couldnt get in it. So i took the cmos battery out cause google said it would reset passwords and data. But it didnt and now it wont cut on. The light that indicates power flickers red to blue. What does this...
  3. SirPriest09


    I installed yumi and its telling me a corruppted installer. Im making a live usb operating sys. So any advice would help. Pls i need help
  4. SirPriest09

    LFCS – How to Recover ROOT Password

    I believe i locked my system on my linux lite when trying to get root password. Im just learning i need help. Pls help. What can i do