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    Using NFS

    My issue is when I login into my client as user2 and cd into /mount and try to touch or echo a file into shA I get permission denied, however if I try do the same thing from root even with the same perms of rw I can do it ? It just won't let me do it login as the user2? The user UID of user2 is...
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    Automatic DNS resolution of DHCP client name

    I am using Debian Linux. I have a DHCP server (isc-dhcp-server) and DNS server (dnsmasq) how do I get the DHCPs leases client name updated automatically into the /etc/hosts to be able to ping it? Other than manually adding the entry into the /etc/hosts folder...or is that not a thing?
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    DHCP server / client configuration

    I'm trying to implement DHCP on two VirtualBox machine(6.1), one being the client and one being the server. I was trying to follow this guide here. However it doesn't seem to work. As the 'Create a host-only network' step no longer looks the same (it automatically makes a DHCP Server with...