• We had to restore from a backup today after a failed software update. Backup was from 0000 EDT and restored it at 0800 EDT so we lost about 8hrs. Today is 07/20/2024. More info here.

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    Partition Tables

    Back in the day, I remember that I had to use GRUB2 to boot from a logical partition (given that the os-prober grub2 script was present). I once had 22 linux distros on one 1.5 tb HDD back when I was new to Linux. PS: Sorry for the necrobump.
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    Microsoft working on porting Sysinternals to Linux

    We already have it. It’s called a kernel panic. But not nearly as exciting ;)
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    Linux Full Install to USB stick

    I had a usb pendrive fail on me after I did this (I was using Mint, if that makes a difference). Make sure to use a drive that you know is reliable and made by a reputable brand!