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  1. CMcG

    It's been a long time since I've been on here. Thanks to school. I just took a old laptop and brought it back to life with linux.

    Hi there, I started chatting on this site about a year ago and then I started school. That has pretty much taken up much of my time. I still mess around with Linux for fun on my free time. My main computer has Windows and Manjaro linux. I originally had plain Arch Linux but it was a pain in the...
  2. CMcG

    ADeepin Server gone?! Good Bye Arch

    Thanks man.I love fighting with Arch. it helps me feel like I know what I am doing again. It turns out that Deepin is running again. You never know with th Chinese, lol. I was considering deleting arch but to tell you the truth I love it. I spent days installing it. I spent to much time working...
  3. CMcG

    Making a win10 laptop dual-boot

    First thing you need to do is go into your BIOS (this is when your computer boots) by pressing F10 on Acer F2 on Dell. Not sure on the others, search the internet. Disable smartboot. allow boot from usb. Done :)
  4. CMcG

    How can I game on Linux?

    I am a big gamer. To tell you the truth, my Steam games run better in Linux. My processor runs a little hotter but my graphics card runs way better. NVidia has awesome support in linux. AMD Does not.
  5. CMcG

    ADeepin Server gone?! Good Bye Arch

    I have spent the last 2 months building my Arch system. I threw a Cinnamon Desktop on my system for the whole time until I discovered Deepin. Damn, What a beautiful desktop! To hell with gnome, Cinnamon, Unity and xfce. Deepin is my happy place. I'm running on Arch Linux LTS whatever. To tell...
  6. CMcG

    Kali linux software center: unable to download updates

    I would suggest Linux Mint Cinnamon. It's a nice distro, I used it for a long time.
  7. CMcG

    Have heard Linux is the way to go

    I was huge into computers back in the early 90's when I was in High School. I even went to a polytech school (NAIT) for Computer Engineering in 1997 but there wasn't any jobs so I went into the oil field instead. After I had kids I lost my computer skills, its just in the last year that I'm...
  8. CMcG

    Have heard Linux is the way to go

    I have had issues with uefi and secure boot installations. Boot loader issues, os-prober issues. Thats where I get confused. I Prefer the old system. Shit, I learned on DOS 5.0. I'm dating myself, I'm new to this group and I'm drunk lol. I have to say its way more friendly here than the arch bbs.
  9. CMcG

    Have heard Linux is the way to go

    I would have to agree with poorguy that Linux Mint is probably your best bet. I used Mint Cinnamon off and on for quite awhile now but recently changed to Arch Linux with Cinnamon Desktop (I don't recommend for people new to Linux). During my time trying different distros I ran into MX linux...