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  1. wm460

    How important it is to log out from a website vs clearing history?

    Since I installed CAD it automatically logout me off when I shut it down. I better start cleaning history and cookies.
  2. wm460

    A few network bandwidth terms you should know

    I get a modest 28.8Mb and if I use TOR it drops to 16.0Mb
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    Welcome to the Forum.`
  4. wm460

    Very New to the Game

    Welcome to the Forum.` I am new to, but I have found the people here are very patience and helpful.
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    That was me, I thought about changing years ago, didn't know anyone that used Linux , didn't know about this forum.
  6. wm460

    Australia - The Land Down Under

    Going by the temp here I pity the poor buggers. One of the blokes at work has gone there.
  7. wm460

    Alternative Applets Wanted.

    Which is better Brave or Duck Duck Go? On Linux what do you say instead of google? Will give the privacy settings on google a go once I any set up here, mean while avoid the evil 2 on Linux computer, use phone for that.
  8. wm460

    Alternative Applets Wanted.

    I tried NoScript but it disabled JavaScript any to white list it?
  9. wm460

    Alternative Applets Wanted.

    Downloaded this, in the short time using I am amazed how many cookies it deleted.
  10. wm460

    Alternative Applets Wanted.

    Would a VPN stop this? Is there any way of deleting or reducing your digital footprint?
  11. wm460

    Alternative Applets Wanted.

    I had a bit of a shock yesterday when I looked in the settings of youtube, in one section they had a profile on me of things that I have never told youtube. I was so shocked that I immediately log out, should have taken a photo.
  12. wm460

    Password Manager

    I have to change a lot of them been in data leaks, strangely a lot are google/microtwats which hopefully be obsolete soon.
  13. wm460

    Crossover Music, Easy Listening, & Light Classical

    That is me.
  14. wm460

    ASSANGE IS FREE !!!!!!!!

    Julian get locked up for telling the truth.:mad::mad:
  15. wm460

    Alternative Applets Wanted.

    I am looking for advice on alternatives to the following applets, I am trying to avoid anything that is connected to microtwats and google and their spyware. youtube, skype In the software Manager there is skype does that mean that microtwats can not track me teams ebay paypal
  16. wm460

    Crossover Music, Easy Listening, & Light Classical

    After listening to this couple for a while this girl came up.
  17. wm460

    Books are Worthless Nowadays.

    I like books, it not the same curled up in bed with an iPad. I have a large collection of military history, I reckon crimes would be very interested in the escape and evasion section.
  18. wm460

    Password Manager

    That looks like mums last dog, she liked the Kelpies.
  19. wm460

    Password Manager

    I can just imagine doing that then either rubbing my eye or going for a piddle.
  20. wm460

    Password Manager

    That is what I thought when I first saw her.