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  1. sp331yi

    Switched to Linux update...

    Yes, interesting details. But the same holds true for most any banking institution. They treat your money as theirs and charge you for using your money. Been going on for centuries. Now the bankers and insurance agencies appear to be running the world. I encourage all to close their banking...
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    Can't get started

    FYI: I believe a similar topic was discussed january of this year, with @captain-sensible responding. regarding PRN files. I saw it earlier cannot find it now.
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    I am trying to install Manjaro 20 Am going to bed
  4. sp331yi

    Enough with the Linux security FUD

    Thanks, @Nelson Muntz !
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    I am trying to install Manjaro 20

    Yes but partition manager (gparted) should be included in the install steps. Let me see if I can get some example for you. Will be pausing for my supper soon, however. So maybe another can step in, please. from Manjaro --...
  6. sp331yi

    I am trying to install Manjaro 20

    FYI -- Double Post is a no-no! But let's continue. . . OK. Start over and use gparted in install to partiion three partitions -- a root (/) of 24GB, a swap of one GB, and a /home of 100GB. I would suggest leaving the rest of the hard drive Unallocated, for now unless you are going to use...
  7. sp331yi

    I am trying to install Manjaro 20

    Do you mean GRUB rescue? are you installing Manjaro, only? Give us some hardware information, to begin with -=- make and model of PC, amount or RAM installed, Optical drive or not, etc.
  8. sp331yi

    I am trying to install Manjaro 20

    @Bl4ck -- what does the fdisk -l command return? could you include a screenshot for gparted, as well, please?
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    Getting around in Linux directories

    Welcome, @Santos-fx ! I recommend setting up your profile and introducing yourself.
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    Newbie looking for Linux books

    Linux in easy steps Covers the Linux Mint LTS release
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    Rofi : Failed to set locale

    Have never tried rofi, but ArchWiki usually helps resolve such issues. Hope it helps!
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    See Bill Gates get pie in the face!

    In general, YOU need to view this informative link passed on to me from an inquisistive mind.
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    Can't get started

    Can't print w/o install is what OP was told. When working for a contractor at HP in Boise, one engineer (not an all-knowing one) had me use the PRN command to do somehting similar.
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    Newbie looking for Linux books

    Have you tried online book stores, I.e. Powell's Books? How about 'Beginners Tutorials' for a quick references, right here at
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    Fresh Installation of Linuxfx Ubuntu Based (SOLVED}

    @Alexzee -- if I remember correctly, google-chrome has its own repo and if enabled will update along with all others with apt upgrade. You can normally check it out in /etc/apt/sources.list or /sources.list.d/*
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    Can't get started

    @Billtour -- it appears to me that you may be frustrated because you feel you should know how to do this but you do not and do not listen to those trying to assist. tells the user to go to CUPS to install the driver. Yet you do NOT. In the browser's address line, type in localhost:631 to get...
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    What's the best Linux distro for me?

    @wieselflink -- OP, lehuyducanh (there's more to the handle than meets the eye) most likely will not reply.
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    What's the best Linux distro for me?

    @Nelson Muntz -- then the definition exempts you! It sounds like they hurt when being expelled from the body! (But that may be a curmudgeonly commment!) Urban Dictionary says, "a common mispelling (sic) of asbergergers" -- probably more 'suitable' in this instance, as in a wizard's suit (you...
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    Install from inside LINUX

    From Porteus home page --