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    iptables log and drop on INPUT policy

    Hi, I've created a custom chain LOG_DROP to log certain packets and drop them. The problem is that I can't use it on policies. Is there any way to get something which works as 'iptables -P INPUT LOG_DROP' should? I commented out allowing port 80 and 443 so I could test that accessing the...
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    Raspberry Pi, Apache - Randomly forbidden access and cannot connect via SSH

    I need to bump this. It's crucial that I get it fixed.
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    Raspberry Pi, Apache - Randomly forbidden access and cannot connect via SSH

    Hi, I've been having a strange issue recently. I have Apache running on a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch), and every few days, I get a 403 error on the whole website, and if I try to connect via SSH, it immediately refuses my connection. If I restart the Pi, I can access the...
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    Are these iptables rules correct?

    Hi, I want to tighten security and only allow necessary traffic. I don't have physical access to the machine at the moment, so I want to make sure that these rules are correct before I apply them. Here are the conditions: • Anyone must be able to access the website hosted by the machine which...
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    Retrieving a unique identifier for both SSH and directly-connected sessions

    Hi, I'm trying to keep a log of the IP addresses used to log into my Raspberry Pi, both with a direct connection and through SSH, which I've managed to do. However, it's possible to have multiple SSH windows open from the same IP address, and I want to be able to distinguish between the...
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    Background Job (&) - ignore '[1]+ Done'

    Thanks very much for your answer. As I don't need any information from the job at all, but rather just want to run the script and forget about it, I've chosen to use the subshell method which is working perfectly.
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    Getting IP address on logout

    Hi, I've managed to write a script which logs whether or not a connection is via SSH or direct, along with the IP address of the connecting party, but I can't get it to work the same on logout. I created a script at ~/.logout which is called via trap '$HOME/.logout' 0 in ~/.profile. The script...
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    Background Job (&) - ignore '[1]+ Done'

    Hi, I'm using the latest version of Raspbian Stretch Lite.
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    Simple - run a script on reboot/shutdown

    Hi, I've been pulling my hair out for hours trying to get something so simple to work. Here's what I've done: 1. Created /etc/init.d/reboot-report with permissions -rwxr-xr-x #!/bin/sh start() { /var/www/html/logging/reboot-report echo "test3\n" > /var/www/html/logging/debug...
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    Background Job (&) - ignore '[1]+ Done'

    Hi, Whenever I run a background process with & at the end, when I do anything on the terminal, I get the usual '[1]+ Done' output. Is there any way to just run a command in the background and ignore/suppress this? I just want to fire and forget.