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  1. ryanvade

    need a lot of input

    That is very subjective isn't it? ;) In many circumstances Linux is faster though that depends on the software and workload. Running Windows-only software on Linux using Wine, for example, will probably be slower than running natively. Running Linux software on the Windows Subsystem for Linux...
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    intel em lock

    I don't believe there is any sort of "em-lock" by Intel that prevents Linux from booting. However, it is possible for Secure Boot to prevent some Linux distributions from booting and if HP prevents disabling Secure Boot then it may be impossible to boot Linux on it. @nornak it is possible the...
  3. ryanvade

    Ip address vs LAN address, whats the diffrence?

    lo is a loopback device. enp0s25 is a network adapter, almost certainly an ethernet connection.
  4. ryanvade

    Skype update...caused strange behaviour in Email

    Perhaps updating Skype also updated another dependency which is shared between the two applications? It looks like Sype for Linux and Jitsi are both electron apps. In that case who knows. Electron is finicky.
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    Ip address vs LAN address, whats the diffrence?

    You can use ip addr to list the full address with the routing prefix. The /XXX is part of the subnet routing if I understand which lines you are looking at. For more information:
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    Downgrading gcc

    This sounds like Qt 4 which only worked with gcc 4.7. Anyway, after installing the different versions of gcc you can switch the symlinks as @JasKinasis mentions or use update-alternatives to do it for your. sudo update-alternatives --config gcc sudo update-alternatives --config g++
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    Can't Install Tor Browser By Command!

    Umm, version 19 of what? Ubuntu releases are YY.MM formated (year of release and month of release) so 18.04 is April of 2018. 19.04/19.10 haven't been released yet (nor, do I think, are they in development yet).
  8. ryanvade

    Downgrading gcc

    You will most likely run into trouble doing that. It would be easier to build gcc-4.7 manually. EDIT* I don't think gcc-4.7 conflicts with gcc-8.1.0 so why not install both side by side?
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    Uninstall Communitheme?

    The package seems to be community-themes. sudo apt remove community-themes
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    how to check who logged on using root ?

    You won't be able to determine which user account on the remote system was used to login to the Apache server, but you can identify the IP and possibly the MAC address of the remote system. That information is available in the SystemD Journal as well as the sshd logs. SystemD journals are...
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    Are we doing it right, here at

    Of course you did, you never sleep. ;)
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    Black Screen OR Corrupted-Looking Screen After Suspend.

    The AMDGPU drivers are included with the Linux Kernel itself and do not require extra installation on Mint 19. You should disable the proprietary drivers and the kernel will switch back to the open source drivers. I can't tell you how to disable the proprietary drivers as I'm unsure how you...
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    Black Screen OR Corrupted-Looking Screen After Suspend.

    From the little information I can find on AMD Graphics (it is a nightmare) your Radeon R7 is actually GCN 3 (AKA 3rd Generation GCN). With that being the case, you should be using the AMDGPU driver and not the proprietary drivers (NOT AMDGPU Pro) and not the older open source radeon drivers...
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    How to create a link between a USB port and a TCP or UDP port

    Some additional links which may be of interest: And if you want to stick with C/C++:
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    How to create a link between a USB port and a TCP or UDP port

    I think your issue here is that you are trying to forward non-networked data over a network. You will definitely need some application to translate the data from the sensors on the USB port to a format that can be used over a network. I would suggest writing an application which reads from...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Simple but efficient at the moment.
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    Where did all of my memory go?

    Things have been a little better after I did a fresh wipe of FF. I am on FF 61.0 (AKA Latest on the Quantum line). My system is currently using 4.8GB with Slack and FF being the only applications open though. It seems this version of Gnome is just bloated like crazy. Very frustrating.
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    server is becoming slow with kworker process

    Memory and CPU usage doesn't seem to be too high. Perhaps it is network or disk usage related?
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    Are we doing it right, here at

    I don't think that is too much of a problem...yet. I have to agree with @atanere on this one. We can't do everything and cannot be everything for everyone. We will try though.
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    Where did all of my memory go?

    It has been a while since I posted my own content. My apologies, finishing my degree, working full time, and doing my best to manage a robotics club took all of my time. <begin rant> Okay, so my memory did not actually disappear. Nor are any of my systems damaged. I thought a discussion...