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    Help on Almalinux

    Hello! I hired LiteSpeed Tech team to install and configure LiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Cache for Wordpress. They told me that external products such as ufw, fail2ban, hardening and optimizing Almalinux remain to my system administrator. What are those things that remain to do? Also, I am...
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    I disabled ufw and it is the same. What is the name of application on Android so I can connect from my smartphone? Thank you!
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    I did not add my ip to login, I just simply login... Those are the IPs that I have to add: - cPanel Houston Office - cPanel Houston Office - cPanel Houston Office - cPanel Houston Office - cPanel Houston Office -...
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    I used: sudo ufw allow from IP And still does not work for them...
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    I am using ufw firewall. //EDIT: I actually added them in the photo from the main topic, but they still tell me they can't connect....
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    Whitelist IPs - how to ?

    Hello! So I need to white list the IPs from the attached photo. Those IPs are from cPanel staff. They say they can't connect. The port number 22 is correct, which means their IPs are blocked. Why? The support from host told me to update the IPs from the vps, not from the control panel of the...
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    Memcache vs Redis for Woocommerce

    I am sorry if I put a noob question, but they are both enabled in the vps. But I didn't configure yet the LS Cache plugin and I didn't choose the object caching (memcache or redis). That means right now, in this moment, they are interfering ? Thank you!
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    Memcache vs Redis for Woocommerce

    Hello, I have Ubuntu 20.04 with LiteSpeed, alogn with Wordpress + Woocommerce. I use also LS Cache plugin. I have installed both Memcache and Redis. Between Redis and Memcache, how do I test which one is better for Woocommerce? I mean, I enable from Object Caching either Memcache or Redis...
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    Setting firewall in host

    Hello! I am new to Linux and I am taking an online course. I need to make some settings in Firewall from host website and I don't know if I did right. The settings that I must do: And what I did in my hosting: I don't think I did 100% equal to the settings from the course. What do you...
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    How to recover a SSH key

    Hello, So I am following an online course for Linux. If: - root login is deactivated - password login is deactivated - you can login only with SSH key What will happen if you lose that SSH key from your computer? How do you get back your access? Are these extreme security measures? Thank you!
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    Buying VPS from another country

    Hello, If I live in Romania and I have an ecommerce store, is it a good idea to buy cloud vps from Germany (Digital Ocean)? Will speed be bad? Thank you!