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    Router CPU near 100% usage while bandwidth usage is like 60%. How to decrease CPU and increase BW?

    The router is having QoS enabled with 1 rule to ensure that each LAN computer has certain guaranteed bandwidth. The bandwidth flowing through the router is mainly thanks to single Linux Debian computer on which is starting a Wireguard VPN tunnel (tunnel ends in the internet). This router was...
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    Help to properly report e-mail SPAM?

    Hello, I have seen when reporting SPAM via . Some provider opt-out their e-mails so the report was "dev-nulling". And after contacting SPAMming ISP manually, providing e-mail source. They replied that they ignore anonymous reports. I do not know what it means. Yet in reply...
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    DNS parent and child zones - which are required

    I think that this does not answer my questions form the initial post.
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    DNS parent and child zones - which are required

    Hello, i wanted to ask which DNS "zones" are needed to be adjusted in order to change IP of the hosting? by change i mean so the nameservers the domain is using will properly resolve to a new IP. level 1: domain ( registar allows...
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    [SOLVED] Linux: How to stop executing chain of commands if one fails

    Thanks for help!, this works: mv a b && rm b This does not: mv a b & rm b mv a b;rm b mv a b || rm b working = second command is not executed in case first fails
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    [SOLVED] Linux: How to stop executing chain of commands if one fails

    Hello, on Linux command line GNU bash, version 5.0.17 When i execute command like mv a b;rm b How to do it so the "rm b" command is not executed if "mv a b" returns an error? I have tried to apped "||exit" after "mv a b", but that quits the SSH session. Thank You
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    Should i use sudo when doing ./configure;make;make install?

    Hello, not being logged-in as a root, but as a regular user who is in sudoers. Should i prefix the ./, ./configure, make, make install commands by "sudo"? or this can be security problem. I rather trust the developer of the SW.
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    bash detect file name and extension even there are numerous dots in the name?

    Hello, i have found following: n=${f%.*} # file name without extension e=${f#*.} # only extension, without dots f="abc.def.ghi jkl.tar.gz" && echo "${f%.*}_sample.${f#*.}" result is wrong: abc.def.ghi jkl.tar_sample.def.ghi jkl.tar.gz what is good, universal way to get the file name and the...