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  1. Carosone

    ParrotOS troubling....

    COMIC? is true! I have abandoned afer the first install... like debian, parrot, tails,kali, and again! the last working is Linux MINT 20.1 there was the TV on line but now STOP no TV! Also Mint does backup on the system disk; last time full disk ALL OFF I come back Win7 and has "KODI" TV on line...
  2. Carosone

    debian10 problem install

    Hi, Last week I have installed Debian 10 on sony vaio i3 i toke 3 *.iso (1,2,3) with torrent; Installed the first (main), installation is gone very long.... at last starting! is good! I have istalled debian with key usb;no problem! After i look for qbittorrent,tor and other SW on repository...
  3. Carosone

    What browser do you use

    Matsu, the VPN FREE are not gift!!! they collet your data to give Google & C. to take MONEY!!! I have used Opera with free VPN... afte 1 year, hodapi wrote me °stop torrent° or 1600€ taxe!!!! Now i have purchase VPN. No more "hodapi"....
  4. Carosone


    Puppy O.S. este bon!
  5. Carosone

    What browser do you use

    BRAVO Nelson! Firefox is not programmed for security, and EDGE, eh eh eh, you don't know who is the patron? yah, Microsoft! After Google & C. is the big SPY on your computer... with edge,W10 etc, etc; all SW is writen for to SPY Use, if you can ,TOR on W7 (better) and also on linux ,TOR is the...
  6. Carosone

    Qbittorrent is dead!

    qbittorrent don't want more working... you give it url and it don't start! On the WEB many people have same problem like me. Now i have download "DELUGE" and deleted qbittorrent, i have passed URL saved by qbittorent and.... WORK! i use Mint, TAILS or PARRET, and all work with deluge. I want...
  7. Carosone

    ParrotOS troubling....

    After i have installe Mr. ParrotOS (6th times) again i can't installer TOR By interface of ParrotOS i check again page WEB Parrot and.... this is the same history "NOTE: Currently a WIP (work in progress, some links might not work and some documentation is likely missing.)" haw many long time i...
  8. Carosone

    Windows XP laptop won't boot to linux with USB[SOLVED!]

    there are somethings to tell: writing a .ISO with RUFUS under Windows on KEY USB, it's must be starting on system where there is already Windows... If there is Linux, on the PC, then don't work! the .ISO to working on system Linux it's must be write from linux (on key USB) click right on the...
  9. Carosone

    Windows XP laptop won't boot to linux with USB[SOLVED!]

    You are on bad root! 1-DELL Downgraded for its presumption (Egoist!) 2- AMD CPU 32bit downgraded for its age - 3-HD i think very old; have you tested S.M.A.R.T? with CRYSTAL DISK INFO? and to finish, "cherry on the cake" you wont install Linux mint 20 that work on CPU 64bit.... BIOS oudated...
  10. Carosone

    ParrotOS trouble

    It's the curiosity and no more intelligence that allow new experience!
  11. Carosone

    ParrotOS trouble

    Thank you Tango Charlie, i have many PC, laptop, etc and i know very well Linux mint it is installed on many laptop with W7 and never i have had problem... Some time i would try other OSLinux, it's normal! After try KODACHI from 6.1 at 7.6... it's a nightmare. the wifi active and desactive every...
  12. Carosone

    ParrotOS trouble

    I have before installed kodachi to securising web, but it's has many problem with connection. i starting koachi 6.1 6.2 7.1 and now 7.6 always the same problem! I am connected and kodachi tell-me no connection disponible... Fine! Other O.S. linux for security do you know? And if you use its VPN...
  13. Carosone

    Easy file/folder backup for beginner

    don't try over! For you is good Linux mint 20 (is you have cpu 64b) or Linux mint 19.3 (if you have cpu 32b) it's very much simple
  14. Carosone

    Cannot boot linux on new LG laptop

    it is intentional!!! Microsoft, with Windows 10 has DIG own tomb! on W10 is all under control and controlled what you do. All is prevent to change little things. I have installed W10, but after 2 day i have come back to W7. too many control, freedom is missing; yes, missing. with W7 limiting...
  15. Carosone

    can't install distros.(except centos)

    why you tell is ancient laptop? "VPCF137HG laptop(it's ancient) " is core7 with ddr3 memory stick 1Gb memory graphics and more... Maybe you must test memory with SW commercial.... some time is one trouble problem...
  16. Carosone

    ParrotOS trouble

    I have installed parrotOS 4.9 but i can't update,upgrade install TOR and more! Finding help, ONE choose is clear "W.I.P" ! that's is not "VERY VERY important person" but "WORKING IN PROGRESS"... and now, what i do while w.i.p in progressing? I ask a little bit of attention: the documentation...
  17. Carosone

    Kali Linux 2020.1 WIFI issues

    It is a disease of many other S.O. linux! kodachi,kali,... i have given out after about 2-4 week of evidence....
  18. Carosone

    Movie Thread.

    look on mkvhub or thepiratebay.... not need subscribe!
  19. Carosone

    Need Help Installing Firefox in Kali Linux

    that'is firefox is already installed?