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    Mmm, ok, i'm flown the thread and missed some informations... definitively not so simple for end of line releases
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    You can type in terminal 'sudo do-release-upgrade' (without single quote) and follow instructions :) I'ts the best way to upgrade your distro. Only available on Ubuntu distro
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    Log monitoring software

    You can try Webmin. it's more than a simple monitoring sortware because you can administer server in a web interface. I use for administrating my webserver, logs and monitoring resource on server.
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    What is your Daily ride Distro wise???

    Ubuntu for workstation with Unity desktop Ubuntu server & Debian 7 & 8 for my servers (Obviously, bash only)
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    What are some tips/tricks for securing your Linux server?

    Yes, this one is optionnal.... I'm not in trust with dedicated from datacenter ^^
  6. Cybercraft

    What are you using your single-boards for?

    I use a raspberry Pi 3 with a monitor for notifications[1] via a custom RESTfull Web Server/Client : [1] Notifications : Cpu/RAm/HDD monitor for all servers used staging and production Git hook with own git server Redmine Notification Rundesk Notification Agenda with deadline by project Wiki...
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Here's my Desktop, Ubuntu unity and numix square icon + numix theme.
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    What are some tips/tricks for securing your Linux server?

    Search services run on lvl 3 and disable it with chkconfig and remove unwanted package Disable unwanted network service with netstat Deny cron job in your /etc/cron.deny Disable root login + use ssh-only authentication and use SSH 2 protocol version (like Rob suggestion) Create no-usb in...
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    Creating Automatic Tasks

    For gnome, you must install 'gnome-tweak-tools' and, after relaunch, in gnome-tweak-tools, in tab 'Startup application's, add you scripts/applications (cfr: image in french :( because i'm french)
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    What shell do you use?

    I mostly use Bash, and i'm tested Zsh with OhMyZsh and my previous install (1 year ago)
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    Hello from belgium

    Hi, I'm a long time passive reader on this forum. with the restarting, i've decided to sign up and become active. About me, i'm 30 and i'm come from Belgium. My position is Freelance DevOps and my core business is mostly Drupal dev (CMF), it's my food :) Hope to see you around