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  1. Dart

    What was your favorite version of Windows (if any)?

    I'll have to throw my hat in the ring. XP was the first version that actually impressed me. Win 7 was ...okay... Just my 2¢
  2. Dart

    To swap or not to swap, that is the question.

    I've pretty much just let the install decide. In 30 some odd years, I haven't had an issues with swap, just a loose nut at the keyboard. :D
  3. Dart

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Auto-hide is cool.
  4. Dart

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

  5. Dart

    Read logs using less command in vi editor?

    sudo su - Give your password, get privileges. ;)
  6. Dart

    Deleting nested directories

    I may be over simplifying things but... If you want to remove a directory structure, I've always just used: rm -R folder This will remove the "folder" and all sub-folders. To test this, I created a temp folder in my current folder. mkdir temp mkdir temp/tmp1 touch temp/tmp1/file1 mkdir...
  7. Dart

    Are we OK with the Ads we get in this forum?

    I don't remember ever seeing an ad on this site. Then again, there are times I don't remember my name! I'm running NoScript, Adblock Plus & Ghostery, running a Firefox browser. I haven't seen many, if any Ads on any sites I frequent in quite a long time. Well, Thinking about it... Maybe...
  8. Dart

    Linux Top command for cpu usage

    Try htop. I haven't tried it on a tablet, but it might be worth a shot.
  9. Dart

    It's time for a poll. How long have you used Linux?

    I started at my job in 1994... I was introduced to Linux in 1996. For those of you who are old enough to remember The Jetson's, It was like when Mac the robot met Rosie. Burrrrderet BinGgGgG. Mac meets Rosie
  10. Dart

    Can anyone explain the logic of this traceroute command, what do you learn from this command?

    Is it just me or does no one use -n option? It does cut down somewhat on the time not having to use DNS. Also tcptraceroute is a bit quicker then the standard traceroute. I did two traceroutes to The traceroute took 10 seconds, tcptraceroute took 5 seconds. Note that as I repeated...
  11. Dart

    Where did your username come from?

    I'm sure there's some paranoid conspiracy theorist somewhere conspiring a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theorists. Theoretically of course.
  12. Dart

    Where did your username come from?

    Mine's quite simple. I came across this forum early last year and was quite happy with the content and the civility of the members, so I joined. I could not for the life of me think of a good name, never was good at coming up with something catchy. After much pondering and my best...
  13. Dart

    Facebook Yes/No

    It went against every fiber of my being, but... A year or so ago, I signed up on FaceBook. Once I got setup and signed in, I started looking for my siblings and my kids. I literally got banned for searching for my own children and family members!!! (Seven siblings, two kids and tree...
  14. Dart

    What's the best Stout you've ever tasted?

    I wonder how the Westly, (The Dread Pirate Roberts) feels about this pirate talk?!? I'm sure Fezzik doesn't mind, not sure about Princess Buttercup. Not to mention,Ingo Montoya And if you've never seen The Princess Bride... That's inconceivable!!! :oops:
  15. Dart

    What's the best Stout you've ever tasted?

    I've already posted one of my favorites, but there's one more stout that I have to add. My brother and I used to brew our own beer back in the '90s - early 'oughts. One in particular was called "Spread it on toast stout." We got the recipe from a forum somewhere on the net. It sat in the...
  16. Dart

    Today's article is just me trying to turn a common answer/solution into an article...

    The only time I've ever used SE-Linux is with an FTP server. It started out back around 2007 as a couple of our companies sites transferring data back and forth. It ended up as a global FTP server with 60+ vendors sending & receiving some pretty massive sized files. It used vsftpd with...
  17. Dart

    How can I diagnose reason for intermittent slow website connecting

    You could take the simple course and run a ping test. As suggested above by Mike, I'd also would use to start, then by hostname, By IP should start getting responses within 10ms, by hostname may take a second or five for replies to start coming back. Once the pings...
  18. Dart

    Condobloke's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Condobloke!!!
  19. Dart

    Today's article has you using the 'find' command...

    Stick with bash until you get comfortable. Just don't be afraid to venture in to other shells. Eventually, you'll find "Your" shell. My point is, no matter how good you get at programming with a particular shell. Others still have a lot to offer. Heck, you've already produced some pretty...
  20. Dart

    Today's article has you using the 'find' command...

    I found this@ Korn Shell Bash Shell 1. The extension of the Korn shell is .ksh. The extension of the bash shell is .sh. 2. In the Korn shell, we use the print command for printing any output. In Bash shell, we use the command...