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    The reasons why Linux will never go above 2.something% of computer users.

    I'm from germany, from memory it went like this: The state of Bavaria switched to a self-made Linux distribution somewhere in the 2000s I think. There were problems with usability, compatibility and training with the open-source software but it seemed to work. Then MS built their new germany...
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    Trouble booting PopOS 21.10

    The fact that it is developed for specific hardware threw me of for a longer time. Then I tested it and really like the cosmic desktop, flatpak instead of snap and more recent software. All those things are achievable on any distro, but the package Pop is giving out of the box is very nice.
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    Trouble booting PopOS 21.10

    I obviously have no clue why but I just missed the Grub menu (wanted to start Windows) and accidentally booted the 5.16 kernel. Except some graphics glictches while booting it booted up normally and I'm writing on it right now. Did not do any system updates (just chromium) or anything...
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    Trouble booting PopOS 21.10

    The inxi output was from the "recovery->boot normal", it states at the beginning gpu drivers are not loaded. I'm now able to boot the 5.15.23 Kernel (pretty sure this didnt work either at the time I opened the thread) so its ok for now and I hope the installation heals itself without action in...
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    Trouble booting PopOS 21.10

    Hi, I have trouble booting up my PopOS installation (yes I have a backup ;)). Worked fine this morning but after coming home I booted up my PC, entered my cryptsetup passphrase and shortly after that I saw the login-manager but after entering the pw I got stuck with a black screen. I was not...
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    Limited: Come get a free copy of the Beyond Mankind game!

    It should be faster than the "Radeon HD 7800-series" stated as minimal system requirements. There are worse cards out there, play PUBG on low with 60-100fps nearly every day. I could just download it next week because of a provider change.
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    Limited: Come get a free copy of the Beyond Mankind game!

    Hi, I would like to test it, though I only have a AMD 570 GPU for now :/
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    Distro based on Debian-sid

    Just copied the link to my clipboard before reading your post. I used sidux at the end of the 2000s for a longer time. Would never do it again ;) :D
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    New to Linux! What is a good distro for a 3D modeler and Game Developer?

    You can do almost anything with every Distro. Get some Live DVDs and test them. See if your Hardware works and how you like the Desktop. Desktop matters more nowadays than distribution. Imho beginners (but not only) should choose an ubuntu based distro or ubuntu itself. Almost any software out...
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    Blurred and scrambled video in VLC

    I have seen this behavior in big corrupted video files mostly while scrolling through the timeline. You can test if the Snap/Flatpak versions of vlc work better. You could also try to purge the package and reinstall it if you havent already. I have a problem of vlc crashing so I use celluloid...
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    Filesystem root low space

    I think ubuntu has baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer) preinstalled. /edit I just have a big / drive with no extra /home and a backup. Sooner or later / or /home will run out of space and you need to act. Seen thousand times in a professional environment.
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    Solved!!! I am having some issues getting Linux installed.

    I think you ran against a wall with the "boot" thing. There is no "boot" that is needed to install any os. Your hard-drive where you install the OS on needs a MBR Master Boot Record. It's created DURING the install. You may have remains of a failed grub installation but you don't need to repair...
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    Linux mint 19.3 xfce

    Go to Nemo Edit -> Preferences (the edit menu for me just appears after a right click on a free space of the toolbar on pop os) and select toolbar. There activate the "Computer" icon. I think this is the one you are searching for. /edit While you are there you can browse all the settings (there...
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    Movies don't play in Linux lite

    I don't know Linux lite but maybe vlc is installed as a flatpak/snap and needs permissions for reading the storage where the music is stored? Normally you get an error but maybe its worth a try.
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    Where are Keyboard Shortcuts Kept?

    You can change Keyboard shortcuts in the settings app under Keyboard.
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    (Solved)Can't install Linux Mint on my Dell Inspiron 5400 AIO Windows 10

    I think what you are doing is not formating them but "safe-erasing" them. Copy new data over the old to make it unrecoverable, you dont need that (for installing linux)
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    I want to know if there are different ways to install LINUX on a Lenovo T420

    I have no idea if you have the same problem like me but: I have a very old PC (bought 2009, 1st gen core i7) and (I dont know since when, it worked perfectly years ago) and every Linux distribution AND windows need ages to boot from USB. I dont know why, it just happened. Booting an installed os...
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    Full Freeze, after klicking right on jdownloader

    Its a flatpak, no java update there (I think) Nevertheless I installed pop os 21.10 yesterday, also with the jdownloader flatpak from flathub, and it just works. I think it had sth. to do with the flatpak libs, had several freezes related to different flatpak apps. Hope its gone for good. BIG...