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    According to this And you might want to read here too There are a number of distros based off Debian, i.e Ubuntu.
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    updating firefox

    Hi @foyle That's weird, I don't use FF but just downloaded and tried those instructions in my Debian box with no errors as you can see in the img below You still haven't told us what your Debian version is nor what DE you are using and it might help a bit if you did. It seems like the...
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    Linux on android or photoshop on kali linux

    Are you asking? I don't get this. What is it exactly you want/need to do? As I see it, having Linux on android and photoshop on Kali are two whole different things and can't see how they can be related so it might help if you elaborate a little bit about that.
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    updating firefox

    Hi @foyle and welcome to the forum :) There is no firefox-esr 71 but the one you're currently using which happnes to be the latest, so it's up to date and I don't think you can update the ESR one with that, you could use both though: If you have the firefox folder extracted to your home...
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    winget; Windows package manager.

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a nice life and a wondeful-healthy 2020! :) Checking my feed bumped into this article It seems that the MS guys are doing some intresting...
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    Distro Candidates: MX vs. AntiX, which is best for the following purpose?

    Try downloading MX from here;O=D BTW, I asked at the Linux Lite forum and they told me LL 3.8 will be supported up to April 2021, the extended support from Ubuntu which is till 2024 is a paid one; you have to pay to canonical for it, so maybe not an option?
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    List installed packages

    There are a few ways to accomplish that 1 Using rpm command sudo rpm -qa You can list package files installed by some program using the following command sudo rpm -ql package_name 2 Using yum sudo yum list installed | less 3 Using dnf sudo dnf list installed | less This is a nice tutorial...
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    Distro Candidates: MX vs. AntiX, which is best for the following purpose?

    I've used this one and it's worked pretty well.
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    Distro Candidates: MX vs. AntiX, which is best for the following purpose?

    Yes, indeed it has. Last one which supported 32 is 3.8 which runs quite good and has some few months of supoort since it's based on Ubuntu 16.04, however, xenial does have extended support up to 2024 so maybe you could use Linux Lite 3.8...
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    Distro Candidates: MX vs. AntiX, which is best for the following purpose?

    Most modern distros do offer their own set of unique tools to make the user's computing experience a trouble free one as far as possible, if you tried Linux Lite you might have noticed that it ships with some of those as well as Q4OS, antiX and MX do too. ROX is the default DE for antiX, so...
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    Which Linux distribution should I install?

    Hi @Albanto and welcome to the forum. What do you usually do on your computer? Are you a programmer? A hard core gamer? Just the average user like most of us who do regular stuff such as surfing the web, listening to music, reading pdfs, ebooks, watching videos, etc, etc? You see, depending on...
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    If you haven't, check here and here
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    What is the most suitable linux distribution for my needs ?

    Can't tell for sure cause I don't use any of those programs but 1. Tresorit does works on Ubuntu which I guess you install via a .deb file so it should work since Q4OS is a Debian based distro. 2 Synfig offers an appimage which you can use in any distro. 3 Natron is the one you have to try since...
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    Double Trouble (problems)

    If I may ask, what exactly is that "thing" you're talking about? What distro/OS are you having issues with? Make and model of the machine/pc this is happening and hardware information; RAM, CPU ...
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    What is the most suitable linux distribution for my needs ?

    I suggest try Q4OS which I've been playing with for like 3 months or so now and really like it; pretty fast, friendly on resources - it's installed in a USB and running in a hp notebook with only 2GB RAM, CPU is an AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1300Mhz...
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    Consistent Issues Over Years With Linux

    I don't dual or multiboot, I used to in the past but not in the last 5-6 years, I think. If I need/want something from some other distro/OS I just create a VM and that's easier. I know it's not the same but it serves my purposes. So, when I said that I use the defaults I meant not choosing...
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    Consistent Issues Over Years With Linux

    How do you install the system? Using the defaults? Do you customize it a bit? Do you setup different partitions? I install every distro using the defaults so I don't get into trouble but I've seen this too and most of the times it is the swap partition which I guess is not properly detected...
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    How to change desktop environment from XFCE to GNOME ?

    You're right, in most cases a web search is the first thing to try, however, after clicking on that link I got "Page Not Found" error. On Kali site, in their FAQ page I found this: And So you might try either one of those solutions. Hope this helps! :)
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    i am not able to update anything using YUM commad in centos7

    Try sudo yum clean all and then run sudo yum update again and see if that works. Hope this helps! :)
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    Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 20.04

    You can install the Linux alternatives too or which is available in most distros' repos, either one of these two programs will do the job just as good. :)