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    X11 how to set font size

    Hi NorthWest, I found out it is due to the screen resolution. The old system is 72x72 DPI, and new system is 96x96 DPI. Once i do xrandr --dpi 72, the font is the same. But i not sure how to default the screen to 72x72 DPI from boot up. One thing to note is my new system do not have...
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    X11 how to set font size

    Hi NorthWest, Thank you for replying. I repaced the whole /usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/ folder, but result still is the same. The font is still big like before.
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    X11 how to set font size

    Dear all, I am currently working on a new Debian10 X11 environment in arm64, and facing difficulty changing the font size for the setup. I have an old Debian10 X11 environment in armel which has significantly smaller font. I tried to run xfd -fa "dejavu", and i get below: In the new Debian10...
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    Debian 10 vs Debian 8 performance

    Dear all, Recently we are trying to update our system from Debian8 to Debian10, and then found out that the performance of the Debian10 seems like not as good as Debian 8. For example, we tried to open mplayer at both Debian8 and Debian10. At Debian 8, it tooks around 1 second to open the...