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    Emojis and symbols not visible in browser

    I have installed JetBrains Mono Nerd Font in my arch linux i3 setup but still the emojis and symbols in browser are not visible. the nerdfont cheat sheet symbols work fine. It shows empty box instead of that emoji. (Its happening in all browsers)
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    Cannot connect to wifi after installing arch linux

    I connected to wifi while installing arch linux on live usb using iwd but now after reboot i cant connect through netctl/wifi-menu . It is giving error. After many researching, i enabled the netctl-auto@wlp2s0 service. But when i try to connect using wifi menu, it says interface wlp2s0 is...
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    No wifi routers showing in nm-applet network manager

    I download bodhi linux in my 12yr old iMac. But when i click on the network icon (nm-applet), it just shows few options like enable networking(enabled),vpn connections,etc but no wifi names. When i do iwconfig, it says its not installed. When i do sudo apt install wireless-tools, it gives error...
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    Can we install windows wifi adaptor driver on linux?

    Thanks, I installed rtl88xxau-aircrack-dkms-git from the AUR website and it worked!
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    Can we install windows wifi adaptor driver on linux?

    I dual booted Linux(Manjaro xfce) with windows 7. As my laptop doesnt support 5g wifi routers, I bought a tplink USB wifi Adaptor(Archer T2U Plus). I installed the drivers from its manual on windows 7 but there are no drivers for linux. Can I install that driver in Linux and use the network...