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    Debian Virtual Machine Lost SSH

    To set a static IP you don't need to reserve it from the router, it is sufficient to reduce the range in which the dhcp process is allowed to assign IP addresses and statically assign the IP from the machine itself. In your case, you can also leave as it is, the only thing you're required to do...
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    Can't connect to pptp vpn

    You shouldn't do it as that is an obsolete protocol: But if you really need to, here's a guide that I tested in a VM (Ubuntu 18.04LTS):
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    Actually, there are AV for Linux. I can't suggest to use them because, as @HaxNet said: But if you need an AV for enterprise/paranoid usage, you can use: Microsoft Defender APT for Linux...
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    Text-to-speech software for Debian

    Take a look at this solution: You should be able to use the Google's text-to-speech engine following the example on the page. Unfortunately the best software that does it is often made from who's able to monetize it. PS: use `pdftotext`...
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    Best option in my opinion is FreeBSD. Learning curve from Linux is very low. To use it as a routing/gateway refer to: It is good for your needs: Lightest version of linux => not linux but low learning curve...
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    How do I become a professional ethical hacker?

    I would say to learn the basics of networking, then how to become a penetration tester. Most of the work is to know how OSs generally work (especially Linux), a programming language (Python is the most useful for hacking), then the industry standard software and common vulnerabilities. The CEH...
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    How to write a SUID program in C (and other languages)?

    Recently, I configured a vulnerable server (in a VM), with intended vulnerabilities to exploit to gain access to the system and escalate privileges. One way to get root access was to debug a SUID program written by me. Even if it worked, it was the jankiest way to do it (basically used...
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    create an array of multiple multi-line text for script to use..

    I'm not completely understanding what you're up to... But to chose elements from an array I've just written: count=0 for $i in $array; do echo $i; count=$(($count+1)); done | nl printf "Choose the element with a number: " read -l choice # Check if a number [ "$choice" -eq "$choice" 2>/dev/null...
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    Updating the Bios on a Lenovo c940?

    The easiest option is to use fwupdmgr! I have a recent Thinkpad laptop and I updated the BIOS running Arch Linux. On Ubuntu, fwupdmgr should be already installed, otherwise: # Install the daemon sudo apt install fwupd # Start the service sudo systemctl start fwupd # Look for updates and install...
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    restrict number of cpu cores per user in multicore system

    Maybe it's not what you want... I guess you can do it trying harder with cgroup and using configs like the one in the example found on the cgreoup page on the Arch Wiki: group groupname { perm { # who can manage limits admin { uid = $USER; gid = $GROUP; } # who can add...
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    bash or fish for shell?

    Zsh is a great shell that can integrate some of the fish functionalities (zsh-autosuggestions, zsh-syntax-highlighting) that can be integrated in the .zshrc with almost unlimited possibilities of customization. This is my configuration (I'm working to integrate the plugins in the main config...
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    Shutdown system after 3 minutes

    sudo crontab -e Depending on the implementation of cron shipped with your distro, this might not work after an hard shutdown, bot on most systems, it will: @reboot /path/to/shutdown +3
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    ssl is not working with domain

    Hello! Since you're configuring this in an home network, if you have a small amount of devices that access this https site on your local server, I would be my own CA and make my browsers to trust my certificate. This will make your...