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    Installing Games on Linux

    Thanks for the heads up I have it going and running good. On first boot it was choppy and laggy, but somebody said run it again you have build the cache sure enough after awhile it has run smoothly. I tried installing through Lutris Steam that failed for me I'm sure its me trying to figure...
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    Installing Games on Linux

    Do you think its possible to play BF1 on Linux using Origin in Lutris and Steam?
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    You know what season it is..
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    Laptop for linux

    If you're coming from Windows or Mac you could give Zorin Os a try. I can easily see it on that notebook.
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    Installing Games on Linux

    Any reason you didn't post RetroArch?
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    Right click with MacBook?

    Wow! The right click was there all along. So easy too. Its been over a year struggling with this. The only thing was to plug in a mouse at times I hated using this MacBook Pro 2012 even with Zorin because of this. Now its a game changer. Thank you and thanks for going all out with the graphic.