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    Use debian netinst installer for armel devices that are not kirkwood or orion5x devices?

    I'm working on a small laptop that has a WonderMedia WM8650 processor (armel) and as of right now, I have a working Linux kernel v4.14. So far I've been using this device thanks to the help of multistrap, that has the capability to create a bootable rootfs. The issue is that the preparation is...
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    Create the Debian installer using multistrap?

    I'm working on a small laptop that uses an arm cpu, and for it to work I have to create a rootfs before booting the system for the first time. The only way of doing that (that i know) is using multistrap. Now, I was wondering if there is any way to get the minimum for an installer to run on the...
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    Authentication timed out, RTL8xxxu

    Ok, after looking a little bit more, I found about this git. i first tried to fix the rtl8xxxu driver. It did change some things. I had to manually set an IP address, but it was able to authenticate. The only thing is that if the connection failed, the device would just hang there, not updating...
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    Authentication timed out, RTL8xxxu

    Sorry for the wait. Ive had some issues with the laptop and now I'm on kernel 4.14. Still, the same occurs. I don't think that driver would work for me. I have the RTL8188CTV (and for some reason, linux reports a RTL8188CUS). That said, I'll give it a try anyway, but I'll compile the kernel...
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    Authentication timed out, RTL8xxxu

    I'm working on a small ARMv5 notebook from 10 years ago. It has the WonderMedia WM8650 cpu, running at 600MHz. My idea here is to make it run a very lightweight Linux with a very basic but useful GUI and nothing else. Its pretty useless for most use cases, but I wanted to "have it working", and...