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    How can make a loop for sed in bash?

    Hi. I need help with loop for sed. I have the script: cat test1.txt | sed -n 1,3p | jq -Rn \ --arg v1 / \ --arg v3 server1 \ '[inputs] | map({"{#NAME}" : $v1, "{#LIST}": ., "{#MARK}": $v3}) | { "data": . }' cat test1.txt | sed -n 4,6p | jq -Rn \ --arg v1 / \ --arg...
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    How can split data on blocks bash?

    Hi. I need help with split data on blocks. I have some lines on my txt-file, about 100. And I need split lines on blocks to 10 lines each and then print that blocks one by one with delay 3 seconds for each one. How can I do it without create additional files. The main idea is send blocks line to...