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    desktop horizontal scrolling (panning) with xrandr

    To avoid to resize windows manually, I use this script (called with a clic on a launcher icon) to automatically resize windows to fit half screen horizontally and vertically. #!/bin/sh xdotool windowsize $(xdotool selectwindow) 1076 920
  2. 3wize

    desktop horizontal scrolling (panning) with xrandr

    This is a short guide on xrandr how to set up a dual screen desktop scrolling configuration as shown in the picture. In this example the 2 displays used have a native resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. On the left we have the VGA-1, on the right the HDMI-2. Because they are used vertically, the...
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    Anthony messaged with 'Michelle' every day for months. He was being drained of his savings in an elaborate 'pig butchering' scam

    You can spend it, when you have it. I have seen people wasting 1M in online trading gambling... "Unix give you enough rope you can hang yourself." The power of freedom!
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    Concerning those who buy overpriced hardware and demand that we "mind our own business" when we try to scold them...

    If you are not into gaming you can run cheap with thin-clients like this: with 8Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD you can run OS + 1-2 virtual machines without any sensible speed reduction. ~250$ new
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    Hi All, I am around computing from 1983 LOL and I learned the basics of C around 1985 on an Amiga 500. I have seen computers like the Acorn Archimedes and used things like IBM OS/2 Warp for some years. I remember when I found the first copy of Linux on cdrom at the local kiosk... around 1993...
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    This persistent Ubuntu/Mint/Fedora/Debian bug probably has something to do with windowing or desktop environments

    If you can track the exact system time, you may find some info in /var/log for the time the freeze occurs.
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    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Limpid and sober Fonts: Myriad Condensed Web Babylon5 (window titles) saxMono