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  1. diggy33

    Fedora on a Mac.

    I'm thinking about slapping this OS on my 2020 13-inch M1 Pro. I pretty much use it just for running the macOS beta's, but with UTM I can pretty much do that in a VM on my 16-inch M3 Max. It'd be a fun little project to see how it runs.
  2. diggy33

    Fedora 38 released today.

    Oh I wasnt posting to get support, just adding that little problem I'm having. Sorry if it seemed that way! Thanks to you and @f33dm3bits for the troubleshooting; I'll start another thread and post up the output so this one doesnt get cluttered
  3. diggy33

    Fedora 38 released today.

    Upgraded my Lenovo P52 today, and upgrade went smooth. No issues, other than the annoyance that it doesnt automatically connect to my wireless network (this started in 37).
  4. diggy33

    Fedora 38 has ten different desktop "spins".

    I've tried a few, but I always went back to KDE Plasma, so thats what I've stuck with
  5. diggy33

    Fedora 37 released... finally

    Upgraded my Lenovo P52; no issues so far.
  6. diggy33

    Today's post is about 'quitting Windows'...

    I've always had some machine or another running Windows, currently a Dell Precision 7530 with Windows 11 Pro. After the last round of "updates" completely hosed my audio and Bluetooth and I spent a bit of time troubleshooting and then restoring to my previous backup, I decided enough is enough...
  7. diggy33

    Will Linux replace windows in future?

    Never. If macOS cant make a dent in the Windows market, there's no way any Linux distro is going to have a shot.
  8. diggy33

    Pretty good Fedora 36 review

    KDE all the way
  9. diggy33

    Fedora release

    Smoooooooth upgrade on my Lenovo P52. It also seems to have resolved a screen flicker issue when coming up out of sleep that I started having recently on 35.
  10. diggy33

    Why Does The Wizard Use So Many Distros? Wizards Corner

    I follow your formula somewhat, but instead of running multiple partitions, I just swap out drives in two laptops. I have quite a few 256 and 512GB NVME drives, and swapping them out on a Lenovo T490s or Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 5 takes just a couple of minutes. I'm typing this reply on my Yoga...
  11. diggy33

    Mint 20.3 should be available soon!

    Updated my ThinkPad Yoga X1 Gen 5 today, no issues so far
  12. diggy33

    MacBook Air 13

    No, I dont do audio or video, just some light photo editing; these are my personal machines. I used to ride my motorcycle to work with the old school 17-inch MacBook Pro in my backpack, so the weight of these new machines doesnt bother me. At work I also manage our MDM (Jamf Pro) instance and...
  13. diggy33

    MacBook Air 13

    I got the 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1, and the Air for my wife. Then I got the 16-inch M1 Pro and that machine is a BEAST. The new M1 Pro/Max chips do support multiple monitors, so from a business sense that is great. At my new company now we've started rolling them out and our developers are...
  14. diggy33

    MacBook Air 13

    That MacBook Air is a fantastic machine; my only gripe with the M1's is that you can only use one external monitor with it. When I was testing them at work prior to deployment to our users I tried using a Displaylink docking station to use more than one monitor with it, and it was just not a...
  15. diggy33

    Pine Me

    Chewbacca did it
  16. diggy33

    Fedora 35 Final is right around the corner...

    Fedora is my main OS now. Upgraded today and no issues so far
  17. diggy33

    KDE Slimbook

    Probably will be my next laptop.
  18. diggy33

    Alligator handler recovering after attack, daring rescue

    I just read an article about a man that was attacked by an alligator in Louisiana after the hurricane this weekend. He was in the shed, flood waters about, his wife comes outside to see a gator attacking him, she "rescues" him from the gator, gets him to the house where she realizes the gator...
  19. diggy33

    Linux Mint 20.2 Released

    Smooth upgrade on my ThinkPad X1 Yoga. I actually just installed 20.1 last week, and aside from Brave browser, hadnt had time to install any other software, or do much to the system.
  20. diggy33

    Fedora 34 is Finally Here

    No issues on my Dell Precision T7600 or Lenovo T480s. Upgraded both from 33.