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  1. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Just a change of wallpaper, been playing Night in the Woods and really enjoying it. Edit: Updated the screenshot, I like this wallpaper better.
  2. Zev

    Try Linux In Your Browser For Free

    Thank you for sharing! ;)
  3. Zev

    Anybody else ever tried Haiku OS?

    I toy with my EEE PC every now and then, Haiku is interesting to say the least, I like alternative Operating Systems. Thank you for the tip, I will try that when I find where I left my EEE PC. I have been curious about BSD (particularly FreeBSD) in the past, but to be fair, I am quite happy...
  4. Zev

    Anybody else ever tried Haiku OS?

    I have Haiku installed on my old ASUS EEE PC, it breathed new life into the little thing, had a minor issue with graphical drivers but one of the first search results provided the solution. Playback of Modern YouTube videos on the little thing is kind of choppy, but I am surprised that YouTube...
  5. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    I have not changed any of the Desktop GFX or GNOME Extensions, or any of the Themes since my last post, and thus here is a screenshot rather than a screencast of my desktop. Gentoo running with a hand-configured Linux Kernel, and GNOME 44.
  6. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    I absolutely loved GNOME 2, it was the default for Ubuntu when I begun using Linux, I greatly enjoyed how customizable it was, especially with Compiz for some truly wacky FX. I have tried other DE's but I always end up going back to GNOME, although I skipped over the entire GNOME 3 era because...
  7. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    It is this extension: Forge - GNOME Shell Extensions
  8. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Thank you kindly! :D
  9. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    Decided to go with a space theme this time, and with subtler graphical effects for less distraction; now on GNOME 43.3 and using the Dracula color scheme for the terminal, code and text editors, the Jasper Dracula (Dark) shell theme, and the Tela Circle Dracula (Dark) icon theme.
  10. Zev


    The following resources are available at your disposal: RFP - Debian Wiki Ubuntu Wiki - NewPackages Mint does not have a method to accept package requests directly like Ubuntu, but having the package incorporated into Debian will likely, in due time, result in the package being incorporated...
  11. Zev

    'Puppy' turns 20 this year....

    Just one more year and Puppy will be old enough to drink! ... Jokes aside, that is a huge accomplishment.
  12. Zev

    Condobloke's Birthday

    Happy Birthday, dear Condobloke, may all of your dreams and your wishes come true!
  13. Zev

    What is the best Linux OS for a computer with AMD APU prosessor

    The one that you feel the most comfortable and in-tune using!
  14. Zev

    How Can I Stop Librewolf from Glitching, Freezing, and Crashing?

    I am happy that the issue is now solved, SpongebobFan! I do not use Librewolf, or Flatpak, but I was still watching this thread with interest to see TuxBot in action when faced by a complex real-world scenario, it did surprisingly well all things considered.
  15. Zev

    Enough of it! Ubuntu to Ditch Snap Completely With 24.04 LTS Naughty Nightingale

    I want to believe ... * coughs * I do not really have any gripes against any packaging formats in particular, in my eyes having variety of choice as an user is something that I have come to expect from Linux. My favorite is source tarballs, and I avoid using pre-built binaries; I always enjoy a...
  16. Zev

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    My Gentoo desktop on GNOME 43, now with Tiling and a Floating Top Panel extensions, and using the Catppuccin Shell / GTK-3/4 Theme, Papirus icons, and Material cursors.
  17. Zev

    Need actual general linux expertise now

    I do not really see anything that even remotely suggests the presence of malicious software, let alone a hacker, from the screenshots that you took in Tails either. I always like to err on the side of caution and give people who seem to be in need of help the benefit of the doubt, but I can not...
  18. Zev

    Kali Linux froze while Booting at the Dragon Logo

    It is very true, there is always something new to try on Linux, and it advances in such big strides in comparison to Windows and macOS. My Linux journey begun ~18 years ago with Ubuntu after acquiring a laptop computer of my own, I became interested in alternate operating systems that were not...
  19. Zev

    Ubuntu Cinnamon is now an official Ubuntu flavor...

    Cinnamon is a good desktop environment, and having a greater variety of options on Ubuntu, or any distribution for that matter is always a good thing, keep the flavors coming!