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  1. Scotsgeek

    The Thread I said I was going to make..... :3

    To all: Will work with him on it offline. I know him well.
  2. Scotsgeek

    Poll: Favorite Text Editor

    I have root access to all the Linux systems I need to access. emacs is installed on all, and can be used either as a gui or command line. I believe, Nano and/or other simple editors are usually installed by default on most Linux Distros, and would be simpler to use for beginners than vi/vim...
  3. Scotsgeek

    Poll: Favorite Text Editor

    Though i dont agree. vi/vim is more popular than emacs. They just don't underatand how powerful and customizable emacs is! ;^) Here come the flames! ;^)
  4. Scotsgeek

    Imma younger guy

    Welcome also! Youve chosen a great O/S! Ready to help you any way we can! Cheers!
  5. Scotsgeek

    We are here to help! What languages are you interested in? Windows, Linux, or both?

    We are here to help! What languages are you interested in? Windows, Linux, or both?
  6. Scotsgeek

    What is your Daily ride Distro wise???

    Debian on all my systems. Debian Testing on my main computer, my Lenovo laptop. When using a GUI, KDE is my only choice, although Gnome packages as needed for any Gnome applications installed.
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    What are some tips/tricks for securing your Linux server?

    Also, change your default ssh port of 22 to some other higher number. Most of the ports from 1 to 49151 are preassigned, or reserved, but: "The range 49152–65535 (215+214 to 216−1) contains dynamic or private ports that cannot be registered with IANA". They are free to use as an alternative...
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    Good tutorials and online test platform for learning advance linux

    Online tutorials, especially YouTube videos are horribly inadequate for learning Linux, or any Programming Languages. My response below is not only for you, but for other readers of this posting. One site, the Linux Documentation Project, does have a lot of good material for learning Linux...
  9. Scotsgeek

    Hello from NYC

    Greetings! Many of you know me from the old, as rstanley. Here in New York, I have been an IT Consultant, C and C++ Programmer, and a C & C++ Instructor at NYU, School of Professional Studies, along with many corporations in the Northeast US. (I won't say for how long!) ;^) I have...
  10. Scotsgeek under new management

    I think we all owe Rob a big Thank You for taking over the site and eliminating the problems this site has had in the past! I look forward to the future of! Thank you, Rob!
  11. Scotsgeek

    Poll: Favorite Text Editor

    And the VI vs Emacs war begins! ;)