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  1. dcbrown73

    Books are Worthless Nowadays.

    I have crap ton of books too. Mostly some sort of technical manual. As you noted, I have a ton of ham radio books, electronics books, luthier books, smoking books (BBQ), winemaking books, Dungeons and Dragons books, writing, biographies, some novels, and of course IT related books...
  2. dcbrown73

    In person help

    Look for Linux User Groups in your area.
  3. dcbrown73

    Today's article is a very basic one...

    You forgot one...
  4. dcbrown73

    Qnap Nas share timeouts

    If you are exposing your NAS to the Internet and based on the fact that you said your router ports are open. You are making a mistake by doing that. If you need access to your NAS from outside your home network, use a VPN or use RealVNC or something similar. Everytime I hear someone crying...
  5. dcbrown73

    VPN Help

    Couple of things: Nothing is truly free. You just may not know how you are paying for it. There is no such thing as a 100% anonymous VPN. Traces always exist. If you want as close to true anonymity, you must implement it layers. To remove local traceability, you need to operate from virtual...
  6. dcbrown73

    Clonezilla rules

    Always test your backups. I've seen several occasion where there was difficulting restoring a Clonezilla image. That doesn't mean you will have an issue. I'm just saying, it does happen. So you should always be aware and test those restores.
  7. dcbrown73

    What was your favorite version of Windows (if any)?

    The most stable version. So far, Windows XP and Windows 10 have by far been the most stable versions I've used.
  8. dcbrown73

    Alex from NYC

    Welcome Alex.
  9. dcbrown73

    Solved Logs monitoring software or methods

    I'm not fully sure this is what you're looking for, but Grafana Cloud is free up to 50GB of logs per month. You can just configure a log shipper like promtail to push the logs to Grafana Cloud. We use this for both our Kubernetes clusters and regular...
  10. dcbrown73

    Local POSTFIX cannot send to Gmail

    @blunix you will have to explain to me how OpenSMTPd is superior to postfix and primarily how it's more secure. (the primary reason to use postfix) I'm not saying OpenSMTPd is not better, I've personally never used it, but you say that it's far easier which struck me as odd. That's likely...
  11. dcbrown73

    Open Suse Security.

    Thanks for this. I will take a good read at it when I have a moment. I will say this. If you run Kubernetes, there isn't any product like SUSE's NeuVector Kubernetes Security Platform around. (That I've ever seen anyhow) It's like when the world moved from Anti-Virus to EDR solutions...
  12. dcbrown73

    Advantages of systemd over sysVinit

    Honestly, there are humans developing these operating systems. Not only can humans' make mistakes, but they can also have "agendas" as happened here with this planned out scheme with xz. So, by default. The answer is most definitely, yes. Look at pfsense and when pfsense paid ugh, what...
  13. dcbrown73

    Advantages of systemd over sysVinit

    lol. Do you have a compressed kernel installed on your Linux system? Of course you do. There is a good damn chance that xz compressed it and xz was on your system when this occurred. Besides, you do realize xz is a secondary utility used by many tools that you likely have installed on your...
  14. dcbrown73

    Advantages of systemd over sysVinit

    I get many of the irks of Systemd, but I will say this. To move forward, sometimes you first must take a step back. Systemd set the ground work for many things to move forward. Sure, I've long used SysV and it worked really well, but it had real limitations to it also. Systemd does a lot to...
  15. dcbrown73

    Which filesystem is better

    ext4 or xfs
  16. dcbrown73

    How often do you reinstall system?

    When I was young and always trying and testing and learning. It could be every 3-6 months, sometimes daily. Today, something better be really messed up before I go that direction. I'm 50+ and a family and a job that consumes quite a bit more than 40 hours a week. Not to mention I'm an...
  17. dcbrown73

    Create udev rule for USB device with multiple virtual ports

    I just had a similar issue. Specifically. I have a ICOM IC-7610 (ham radio) that runs on Windows, but I added 128GB of memory and installed Linux on it so I could make it a home lab. Naturally, I still want to run Ham Radio Deluxe which is a windows app so I installed KVM and installed...
  18. dcbrown73

    Total file system inode count; Web Server / VPS / Security

    Hi, I had a bit of difficulty understanding your question as the post was quite long and talked about several different things. By inode attack, what do you mean? You noted the Support staff at your hosting provided said it was a misconfiguration of mod_sec (Web Application Firewall) that...
  19. dcbrown73

    Can anybody help me finish this program?

    I'm not a JS programmer, but I took a look and there is a lot of syntax and structural errors in your code which make it quite difficult to read / interpret correctly. I would highly suggest learning the syntax and structural basics before attempting to do more advanced tasks as it will make...
  20. dcbrown73

    devopss i

    I've guessing their native language is not English. They are pretty hard to decipher. Especially with one word or short broken sentence responses.