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  1. wtsxdev

    Difficulty getting WiFi Dongle to work in Kali on Virtual Box (Seen similar thread but poster won't give decent details)

    to get your WIFI working you need tow things First The WIFI adapter must be connected by USB 2nd kali Linux supported WIFI adapter
  2. wtsxdev

    Couldn't enable monitor mode.

    I had the same problem and it was all because of the adapter even after i got a new one i didn't work cause it dose not support monitor mode , i had to learn it the hard way that some adapter are supported and some are not , however i got Alfa AWUS1900 listed here...
  3. wtsxdev

    I just purchased alfa awuso36ac card..I have installed drivers..However, it is not detected

    i followed this tutorial and it works fine how to install rtl8812au driver