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  1. weazel

    Not able to get internet access

    Can you connect to the internet on your host system ?
  2. weazel

    Linux Operating System for Console.

    Linux Developers should get together and make a Linux distro for a console (xbox,ps,switch,raspie,other) that is open source and anyone can use it for free and for any thang. It's Just a idea maybe it will happen someday and the console will become open source.
  3. weazel

    Windows 8

    When you start to use linux you will not won't to go back to your windows. Unless you are gaming, If your gaming just stay to windows. But not forever, steam is making more games linux friendly.
  4. weazel

    Elementary OS better than Mac X OS

    yes i love the change
  5. weazel

    got to love Linux

    got to love Linux
  6. weazel

    Elementary OS better than Mac X OS

    Please discuss your thoughts.
  7. weazel

    Windows 8

    I have a windows 8.1 laptop and I use dull boot with elementary os and it works fine