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    HP Laserjet m140we Setup Problems

    the HP printer is ok and the linuxmint is ok . like I. it's use to works. I have a Canon printer but does'n t print with EOS. But it should work. on another PC no problem with it. I solve my cups problem. I have two admin accounts. when i use admin commands with cups , i should login admin...
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    Issue with Nvidia Driver message. [Nobara] And I can't seem to get rid of it.

    your video driver is walking on 3 foots ; maybe yes or not. i am accord with the posts . many distros free or commercial purpose. find another version with LTS support . ubuntu or Elementary are good . Condobloke is right to solve a problem tha isn't a bad issue but a graphical pb.
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    HP Laserjet m140we Setup Problems

    Thank for the post , but another problem with cups that s no matching this one , but maybe , i tried to go console sudo mode. when i read the log i see 3 lines written that my access to http mode is denied by localhost. But localhoost is my machine , how is it possible , i am administratos in...