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    Backup software

    I liked what I read regarding timeshift and btrfs. I shrunk a data drive and formatted 100GB into btrfs. But do I need to have Ubuntu on btrfs to have timeshift work with it? Do I have to clone my Ubuntu volume and clone it back after changing the original location to btrfs? Also how do I...
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    Backup software

    English is my second but principal language but I sometimes have trouble with the prepositions. When the
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    Backup software

    Thank you, Need backup software for Ubuntu 22.04 desktop. Something that can schedule or be crontab-ed, that saves and restores partitions, and does incremental backups, and is appropriate for a desktop instead of a server. Is there something open source and free (or not) that fits?
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    Ripping short cuts from video filesl.

    Thank you. A ten month user of Kubuntu LTS with little experience in video, I'd like to write a script to rip five to ten short ten second cuts from a variety of videos. How should I approach this?