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    CRONTAB - automatic file opening - autostart

    Outstanding. Comprehensive. Great writing style conveying much in compact, congested manner. Wish I talk with more in such a way. & I mean it. This though, needs clarification. /root/.config/autostart/ Where is such a folder in Kali. Been really looking for it. & then performed global search...
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    CRONTAB - automatic file opening - autostart

    yo the files I use are on desktop & there will remain. now how do i create mentioned shortcut to the file the CLI command is ?
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    FACTS 00 an 86x64 computer HP 430 G3 got into my hands that 01 has by an unknown administrator password locked bios 02 utilizing bootable USB stick it successfully installs 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Kali Linux & runs Fedora Live seamlessly 03 installed is KALI + Virtual box -...
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    CRONTAB - automatic file opening - autostart

    Kali Linux - autostart is located i which top directory? / being root = full path & how to create those shortcuts in nautilus
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    After additionally installing bluetooth & bluez packages - bluetooth in Kali 2019.2 was not even displayed - the sound ain't coming through headphones, but keeps blasting through laptop speakers. Jabees BTwins - after buds pairing, only one headset directly connects to the comp by default. On...
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    CRONTAB - automatic file opening - autostart

    Would like work 'ready-wainting for me'- when the computer boots up. By work I mean files like docx & other current projects currently worked on. How can I achieve this with CRONTAB.