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    LV Issue with lvcreate

    Hi binWondrin: step:1 Please check /etc/lvm/lvm.conf file in that archive=1 and archive_dir = "/etc/lvm/archive" Step:2 Permissions of the path of /etc/lvm Step:3 Verify the disk usage of [ / ] file system using df -h Let me know if everything is ok
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    How to connect to Wifi network from COMMAND LINE INTERFACE ?

    Great tutorial I have ever seen, max all new bees are may struck here..
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    Do you use ethernet cable or wireless to connect to your internet?

    Most of the time I feel better to use wireless for portability, wired is stable but wireless also giving same performance with upgraded drivers..
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    Add timestamp + change history size in your linux history

    Rob your post is really good, in production environment I would like to backup all user's history with time stamp from root. Till now i backup ~.bash_history file in user's home directory..Please guide me if is it possible in linux..