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    Solved Can someone help me please

    Yes, it's a typo. Sorry.
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    Solved Can someone help me please

    Turn the Wifi on in the Network settings and then pick and SSID.
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    Python Series Part 1: Installing and Configuring Python 3

    As of the writing of this article, the release of Python version 3.11 is the newest. Python is a programming language that you can use for writing programs. I will cover many areas of the Python programming language, but there are many code editors you can use. You can use whichever editor you...
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    LFCS - Virtual Networking

    When you use virtual machines, not VirtualBox, on Linux, you will also have a Virtual Network. Let's look at these a little close before we create Virtual Machines. I will cover Virtual Machines in the next article, but we should look at the networks we can create or remove. Virtual Bridge To...
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    Run Any Linux App on Any Distro with Distrobox

    Sometimes, there may be an app that you want to run, but it is available only on a certain distro. What can you do? Download the source code and try to compile it for your distro? Now you can do this with Distrobox. Distrobox is a wrapper for Docker that allows a container to access all the...
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    Compiling Your Own Linux Kernel (Debian)

    Many people may be fine using the standard default kernel that comes with your distro. There are some out there who may want to make their own kernel. For a special system in your life, you know what hardware is on the system. You know everything about the system (at least you hope). You can...
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    USB over IP on Linux: Setup, Installation, and Usage

    USB over IP is a TCP/IP Protocol to allow access of a remote USB device to a client system. The USBIP Protocol, more information on the protocol, can be found at, is set up as a server/client architecture. Once you have the shared...
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    LFCS - Installing and Understanding XRDP

    We are starting a new section on the LFCS Certification. This section deals with Virtualization. For this section, we will reinstall CentOS 7 or Ubuntu 18.04 all over. Make sure you follow the installation instructions from the following articles...
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    DCA 14 - Understanding Docker Network Types

    Within Docker, there are five network specifications available. We will cover the differences of each and give some examples of setting the driver up. These are like the networking in VirtualBox. The networking is for the containers to communicate with one another, whether on the same host. Be...
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    DCA – 07 – Lock and Unlock a Swarm

    I haven't decided quite yet. I was thinking of articles on optimizing the Kernel. I can add Kubernetes to my list and see.
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    Working With Ubuntu Pro

    With the standard LTS version of Ubuntu, you may see that there are extra updates available when you perform an update. To get these extra patches, you need Ubuntu Pro. Ubuntu Pro provides more security patches than regular Ubuntu. You can only receive security patches for 5 years from the...
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    Working With Linux Fonts (Microsoft Core Fonts, etc)

    Linux comes with quite a few pre-installed fonts, especially if your distro comes with a word processor. Most word processors come with their own fonts. Adding fonts is an easy task, just download your font, right-click on it, and select Install. On some systems, you may need to open the font...
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    LFCS - Understanding and Using SELinux

    SELinux stands for Security Enhanced Linux. Security is enabled that causes security to lock down access to the system. SELinux is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) which is part of the Kernel to limit resources for programs, this includes access by clients. There are two active modes in...
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    DCA 13 - Setting Up Container DNS

    It can be imperative for a Docker Container, Service, or other to be able to resolve Domain Names. The Docker systems should need access to a Domain Name System (DNS). There are multiple ways to manage DNS for Docker systems. Default Name Resolution The Host system on which Docker is running...
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    Testing Out Linux Distro Mageia 9

    It has been a while since I've covered a Linux distro, but this one seems very different. The installation is unique compared to the standard installation. The distro may be one that you can download and install on VirtualBox, or another Virtual system, to see how Mageia is different...
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    LFCS - Setting Up A Database Server

    In some environments, you may need a database server. This article will cover the basic installation and setting up of a database and table. Let's get started and get the Database Server up and running. Installation For CentOS, the major Database Service would be MariaDB. On an Ubuntu Server...
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    DCA 12 - Docker Inspect Command

    Sometimes information is needed from a running service, container, swarm, or node. Information is usually retrieved with the 'inspect' command. We need to cover this in a little detail to help you better use the command. In some cases, the 'inspect' command may not be useful all the time, you...
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    BASH Tetris Part 2

    In my previous article, I covered the main Tetris script section. In this article, I will cover the functions or at least the important ones. Some are kind of basic and need no explanation. If you want to see the script, look at the Attachments at the end of the article in 'Tetris for BASH'. It...
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    LFCS - Setting Up A Web Application

    The LFCS exam requires knowledge of setting up a web application. In this article, we will set up a Hypertext PreProcessor (PHP). We will also create a small app using PHP in HTML. We will not cover a lot of PHP coding in this article, but like any scripting language, there is a lot you can...
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    Installing and Playing SuperTux Advanced

    SuperTux Advanced is a game similar to SuperTux. The main difference is that the game is a 16-bit version similar to the older gaming consoles like the Genesis and Super Nintendo. We are talking late 80's for these systems. The game is not an exact replication of SuperTux, but the levels are...