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  1. CyberCipher

    RHEL Based vs Debian Based - Benefits

    Scientists that study the various human ethnic groups will tell you that statistically speaking, the variations WITHIN a race of humans is measurably far greater than the differences in the mean values for any two major race categories. It is much the same situation in Linux. The differences in...
  2. CyberCipher

    When people ask why you use Linux over Windows,Mac,and Chrome OS what do you tell them?

    I'm running Linux on machines that were orphaned by Microsoft's Draconian Windows 11 hardware requirements. I started with Microsoft way back in 1982 when I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation on a machine running DOS 2 with MS-Word (pre-laser printer). Even so, I despise Microsoft's founder. I despise...
  3. CyberCipher

    Post a screenshot of your Desktop

    ThinkPad X1-Yoga that was orphaned by Microsoft Windows 11 (7th generation core I7). Now running Kali and looking like Windows 11 (KDE Plasma 5). Second photo is the same machine running 32-bit Windows XP on Oracle VirtualBox which gives me a platform to run 1990s vintage vector graphics software.