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    Why the heck are "." and ".." counted as directories?

    As we know all hidden files in Linux start with a "." period. For example, if you use only ls to look at the root home directory on a clean Linux installation, no files are returned. However, if you add the -a option, the ls command returns a list of files. . and .. are actually hard links in...
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    What the heck is the "-a" option for cp?

    While copying a directory using cp command we generally use -r or -R option, but in place of -r option we can use ‘-a’ which will archive the files and directory during copy, example is shown below, The cp -a command copies the file/directory with the same permission settings and metadata as...
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    strace in linux

    Strace is one of the most powerful process monitoring, diagnostic, instructional tool of Linux. It also acts as a debugging tool that helps in troubleshooting issues. If a system call is being executed and meanwhile another one is being called from a different thread/process then strace will...