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    I already try it and it gives me the same result @Condobloke
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    Hello everyone I installed virtualbox on linux mint 20.04 and I followed the following instructions: "via the site install the new version of virtualbox " after you have to choose the version we bask on its operating system. I install everything is, after I create a VM and it...
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    Need some help with my Linux based QNAP product to update kernel and i915 drivers to support i9 chip for onboard HDMI.

    what I mean is that on some linux operating system (ubuntu, debian, Q4os, ...) the hardware is not compatible it will not be recognized, you have to see the compatibility with some hardware. this can be due to the drivers which are not installed, you can install them via firefox on your computer
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    Need some help with my Linux based QNAP product to update kernel and i915 drivers to support i9 chip for onboard HDMI.

    attention under some operating system the drivers are not taken into account the best is to do it manually have download the drivers via firefox
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    The Beer Thread

    I like jack Daniel and vodka, and you ?
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    Bonjour, le mieux à faire serait d'acheter un nouveau disque dur 1tio 2tio largement suffisant. Et de sauvegarder vos données ( pour plus de précaution, avec un disque dur externe ) avant de procéder à l'échanger.
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    Can You Create A Dual-Boot USB?

    Hello , personally, i recommend linux mint 19.03 which is a derivative of ubuntu. With the cinnamon or xfce office manager. For download see the page below: distrowacht this page, will allow you to download the iso that you will want to test or install multi-boot on your computer. if you...
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    sandbox and Firejail

    hello everyone I would like to know if the sandboxing is stable and usable in the long term. For those who use it I would like to have your opinions. Recently, I have heard a lot about this secure solution. Because recently I went to the software library and there were even some negative...
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    apt source and software

    Good morning all I would like to know that it is your configuration in the official repositories of linux mint (if possible tricia 19.03) Because I can't upgrade to version 20 of linux mint. Via the terminal, I launch the command: "mintupgrade check" Of course after this command can not be...
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    antivirus 2020

    yes i just translated it i don't speak english
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    Need some help!

    salut Ellelle06, Pour votre problème de système d'exploitation, je vous conseille de sauvegarder vos données c'est de transmettre des systèmes dérivés d'Ubuntu # (actuellement Ubuntu est à la version 20.04) # et Debian # (actuellement Debian est à la version 10.4) #. Linux menthe, son système...